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  1. Mediatonic has announced that they are working on an android version, meanwhile people have made "ports" of the game for Android, which are a blatant copy and most have been eliminated by Mediatonic's warning to the Play Store, many players of mobiles are looking forward to this delivery. In addition, Mediatonic knows something, Among Us, which is the main rival and the game that dethroned Fall Guys, its main number of players is found on Mobiles, since it is free on mobiles and is more comfortable, while Fall Guys is only found for PS4 and PC, when Fall Guys launches its game for Mobiles we will see who wins this very close battle, in my opinion when Fall Guys comes out for Android and is released in F2p form, the majority of Among Us players will be stolen as it will be something new and novel for the mobile community. If they perform a great optimization on most devices and it meets the expectations of users, it will undoubtedly be in the top of the best games, If there are already ways to play Fall Guys on mobile phones, but it is a way through streaming to your cell phone where what you do is use your cell phone as a gamepad and screen, but if the game is running on your pc, these programs require a good internet speed and some are inconvenient to use
  2. Totally agree, we must create our own research, it is very easy to search for information on the Internet when you are researching a topic. But there are so many options and information at your fingertips. Knowing how to evaluate and select information sources on the Internet can be beneficial in creating unique and coherent content, in your own words. To conduct our own investigations we must: 1. Select the topic, 2. Find information, 3. Organize information, 4. Stay focused, 5. Quote correctly. Carrying out our own research allows us to have knowledge of many topics since when you do an investigation using the Internet, it is possible that you copy and paste text and then forget about the research.
  3. Forex is the worldwide market for currency trading. It is open 24 hours a day and offers great liquidity, making it a good opportunity for its participants, who can be from banks, large financial institutions and companies to small retail investors. Forex traders aim to make money by buying and selling these currencies that are traded in pairs. Today, many people are making money by trading Forex from home either as full-time professional traders or simply spending a few minutes a day to locate trading opportunities and opening, monitoring and closing their positions. It is very important that you know which form of investment best suits your personality. Based on that, you should prepare an investment strategy that suits you, and you can feel comfortable. You have three ways to invest money in the Forex market, depending on time: long-term, with swing trading, intraday or scalping. You only make money with Forex if you do things correctly. It is also super important that you protect your capital with good risk management.
  4. The vast majority have heard about the forex market, but few are those who really know what Forex is. Trading Forex is not easy, especially for those who want to learn Forex quickly and have unrealistic expectations. It is very important to know that Forex trading is not a quick way to get wealth. The currency market, also known as Forex (Foreign Exchange) is a global and decentralized market where currencies are traded. Each of these currencies has a conversion rate, called the exchange rate. The Forex is one of the most liquid markets, where the daily volume of transactions is 5 trillion dollars a day. It is mainly used to facilitate operations and investments between countries.
  5. The best Airdrop of the year YoBit This time I want to talk about what I think will become the best Airdrop of the year YoBit! Those who in the past already made an Airdrop that paid brutally well. If you've never heard of Airdrops, I suggest you read this information, so you know what this business is about. This is one of those opportunities that cannot be missed. We are talking about a company that recently made an Airdrop where many people managed to get $ 500 $ 1000 and up to $ 2000, "on the Internet there are plenty of proof of payment". Friends, I recommend that you make the most of this airdrop, invite people on Facebook and on all your social networks.
  6. Bitcoins have value because they are useful as currency. It has the characteristics of money (durability, portability, fungibility, scarcity, divisibility, and recognizability) based on mathematical properties rather than relying on physical properties (such as gold and silver) or relying on centralistic authorities (such as fiat currencies). With these attributes, all that this kind of money needs to maintain its value is trust and adoption. In the case of Bitcoin, we can measure it with its growth in users, merchants and nascent companies. Like any currency, the value of Bitcoin is obtained alone and directly from the people who want to accept it as payment. The leading theory investors have about bitcoin's impressive valuation is that the cryptocurrency will soon benefit from large injections of institutional money from Brokerage Houses and Financial Markets through the introduction of the first BTC futures products.
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