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  1. I think the ADM and support should try and let anyone that is banned know the reason why he is banned. This is to say....when someone query his/her banned through support. He should have a respond. If what I said is wrong, someone please reconstruct the statement to make it write. Thanks
  2. Is Japanese candle stick actually a good tool to analyzed the movement and behavior of price in forex and in ctypto trading. Or there is others which could do better than the Japanese candles stick?
  3. There are several techniques one could employed to know if bull market is over or not. One of it is using the technical analysis. And in this technical analysis we have other sub- techniques. One of the sub techniques is the Japanese candle stick formation and patterns.
  4. megatalk


    Upon this here is my personal opinion base on practical experience. Buying and holding of bitcoin actually is less profitable compare to trading especially for the day traders. But holding is better and less risky, as it will surely get back and rise above the climb from which she has been falling from. It just a matter of time.
  5. Yes you can earn more but with some risk. Though I have done the mathematics to reduce the risk. And this will also affect the amount one can make. Small profits small lose. But IG the profit is more stable than the lose, you are certainly making money. And the size of profit depend on your investment.
  6. Only the smart knows investment pays more than opting for free coin. Opun this, I will prefer investing than the free coin
  7. Mining they said is profitable, and I have ever long to go into it fully. However, all passed experienced has not make me a dine rather I loose all time I venture. I am now planning to own the rigs myself, but my worries bevause of the high coat of internet and wealther, will I make profit?
  8. If I have a strategy to make good and assured amount money, I can considered not just quitting but flying away from anything that look like the job I was doing.
  9. 2020 is a good year for the crypto industries. almost all coin will rise to the sky but can get to the moon. btc is most likely going to clock $18,000 this year around November. enjoy the ride, though never going to be straight ride. however, it is certain we are moving forward this year. cheers to all coin that will rise.
  10. whatever you leave will leave you. and you would let go a nice beautiful lady that you love just like that. so since you are in strong romance and love with bitcoin. raking profit every now and then, you cannot afford to loose your grip on it.
  11. what happen when the price rices without you... to my opinion with some years of experience, it to be happy because every sudden rise have equal sudden fall. i am not say catch a falling knife. but be glad you are not in that train....because it will crashed soon
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