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  1. In this era of Internet accessibility, online businesses are worth it. There are many online businesses and jobs, however only a few pay well. Thus, crypto business is a formidable online job that guarantees sufficient funds. Meanwhile, the business must be done in prudence to achieve the best result. Everyday, I'll recommend crypto trading to anyone!
  2. The University of Cambridge estimates that the number of global digital-asset users has increased by 189%📈 since 2018. In its new global crypto-asset research findings, the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF) revealed up to “101 million😱 unique crypto-asset users across 191 million accounts opened at service providers in Q3 2020.
  3. One of the problems with crypto currencies is the fact that a single mistake makes the token and money lost forever. Some weeks ago, I tried to buy a token via an exchange. I thought the token was the exact token I wanted to buy, since it has the same name. Immediately I swapped my btc to purchase the coin, it failed to reflect. After a day, I confirmed that the token I wanted to buy was not the one I bought. I tried everything possible to retrieve it but till today, I've not been able to. Who knows to to retrieve lost tokens?
  4. I agree with you. Litecoins transactions are super fast. I transfered it to Yobit to purchase QQQ token. It underwent just three network confirmations and then the Litecoin dropped. It was so fast. But I wonder why the price of the token doesn't rank with Btc and eth.
  5. The advent of computer has made a whole lot changes to the way things are done now. Unlike before, traditional market places must be visited for there to be an exchange. Now, Internet has facilitated the way things are done. An exchange of whatever magnitude can be carried out in the comfort of the home without stepping outside. Kudos to this generation.
  6. There are many methods to make money online. One of the most reliable and highly liquid market is the foreign exchange market, popularly known as the Forex Market. It is a market where mainly currencies are traded for a profit. It is very rewarding. However, it must be learnt very well and traded with caution to avoid huge losses.
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