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  1. So far I have never questioned whether or not much exchange, because I have made a portfolio for the exchange so there is a suitable choice and not confused.
  2. yobit is a good exchange but has a high withdrawal fee, so I rarely use it. at the moment i am on poloniex with its margin exchange i enjoy.
  3. I use Trezor wallet which can make up to 20 bitcoin addresses, so I don't need to make more. and for the level of security it is also definitely safer than online bitcoin addresses.
  4. in my opinion it would be a loss if we are already in Crypto but only use Bitcoin, because atlcoin actually has a large profit potential as well. if you are not proficient at altcoin you might need to learn it.
  5. A quality post must have several criteria such as informative, constructive, innovative, creative then the post must also be easy to understand and use good grammar.
  6. I agree with your opinion that Bitcoin is still likely to fall to the level of $ 7400 - $ 7700. and I hope that the price does not fall below that price, because if it falls below that price then the price of $ 4500 is the worst possibility.
  7. I am not sure that Bitcoin will reach $50,000 until the end of 2019, because my own prediction The potential of the price of Bitcoin until the end of the year is only $22,000 potential if it reaches the previous resistance of $13,000 and $17,000.
  8. Previously, Bitcoin mining in China was once banned, requiring the company to decide to open the mine outside China. however recently the Chinese government has allowed Bitcoin mining to be resumed there.
  9. I know the price of a coin that is more expensive than Bitcoin. If you want to know, please check on Yobit. whereas if competing for popularity doesn't seem to exist yet.
  10. AakZaki

    Btc to the moon

    not yet, it looks like there will be another drop before the moon. I think the $ 7400 - $ 7700 point is the last bitcoin dropping point for this month.
  11. I clearly like trading more profitable in the long run. If gambling is getting addictive I am sure it will not last long term the money will run out.
  12. AakZaki

    Bitcoin Mixer

    is still a question mark in my mind what is actually the function of Bitcoin Mixer? maybe you can explain, who knows the next time I am pleased to use it. maybe you can give a detailed explanation.
  13. very right I also use Trezor besides our assets are safe, shipping costs between wallets are cheaper.
  14. we as users who use the service then it will be legal, I realize that yobit has a high withdrawal fee but that is not a problem as long as we can withdraw using coins that have lower withdrawal fees such as Doge, TRX, XLM and others.
  15. as long as the price of Bitcoin does not fall lower than $ 7400, I will not touch the price of $ 6000 because at $ 7400 there is very strong support.
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