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  1. For the people who wants to earn some coins it's good to check out this message: β€œJoin Official Kalkulus Telegram group: airdrops and prizes for members each month!” by Kalkulus β€” Decentralized Digital Asset Just read it and it's possible to receive some klks coins.
  2. The best coins die profit are nu bags, please everybody buy my bags so I can get more profit. How more you're buying how more the profit can be. With a bit of luck some other people can be in profit to. Just an amazing tip: buy my bags good friends
  3. A lot of ICO projects rolled out a coin to play doe their service, but that never going working good. I can't imagine that people holding wallets with 100 different tokens for every service they want to use. Most of those projects are just money grabbing ICO's and probably scams. Saw last week another project where I did a bounty try out for and writet a blog about.
  4. Hi, I'm a bit surprised that I see the ticker of this token is TKS. If you want to come on coinmarketcap etc you going face some problems. There already exist a token with the ticker TKS: Just fyi
  5. Lol 😁, my first bitcoin wallet was the old fashioned qt wallet. Back in those days there didn't exist other wallet providers yet where people could truthfully store their coins.
  6. The definition of "bitcoin supports terrorism" is wrong. It should be terrorism accept bitcoin payments. Also criminals do on the black market. But that is such a small number that uses bitcoin which governments only use as fact to make people afraid of using bitcoin. Not everyone wants to e associated with criminals and terrorism right. A game of emotions. If people must stop to use btc, they also had to stop using gold,silver,dollars,oil,euros etc etc etc. Terrorism and criminals using everything what contains value.
  7. The fundamentals behind Kalkulus is stronger than many projects for sure, instead of creating hype and no products is the KLKS still developing without hyping etc. Like you can read in my post a few lines above you can also read that there are great things coming this year and people shall dont be disappointed in KLKS.
  8. I am in telegram for a long time already πŸ˜‰. Following mostly updates etc about the development of ergo πŸ‘
  9. At current price it's for me a buy, purchasing the amount of 1 masternode cost only around 0.01btc. Imo it's good to hold with patience because with all the ongoing development I'm sure the price will significantly rise in the future. Also with the low amount of circulating coins, the price is a steal atm.
  10. Dont forget that in 2020 there will be a lot of changes incoming for KLKS and the hub. 2020 will see a lot of changes and improvements, a new approach on community and social media management, a rebrand and new features for the hub Hosting, a new and rewarding system for the loyal masternode holders and stakers and a new way to earn coins.
  11. The hub is continuou developing and recently there is a new coin added to the services in the hub. Announcement from the klks team: Here's a new digital assets integration completed on TheHub $YCE is now ready for regular masternodes, staking VBox and COMAnodes clientless deployment. We accept BTC ETH BNB KLKS ARRR XLR for all servers rent.
  12. Hi, just readed this topic and I also scrolled to the website. The only thing what I see here at this moment is "just another token". What are the future goals for this token and why it's called tradetoken? See now nothing more that a token which is tradeable because it's possible on more DeX nowadays. Nothing more, nothing less.
  13. Cool to see Ergo also here, I benefit from the airdrop on the wavesplatform a while ago and followed ergo also for a long time. Hope this project roll out as an high quality project which it already is. Want to wish the Ergo team good luck with the development.
  14. Nah, dont want to force myself to write because "I need to write". Better a few less post but more constructive post, in that way it's possible to gain a reputation and people will take you more serious.
  15. I just started a blog where I want to review bounty campaigns, it can be worth to take a look. Kind regards πŸ‘
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