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  1. We have chosen to conclude the airdrop on this platform. However, token distribution will continue on our site: All valid participants on CryptoTalk have been paid! Thank you!
  2. The airdrop is hosted exclusively for CryptoTalk members.
  3. We still have spots left in our exclusive airdrop hosted here on CryptoTalk:
  4. This airdrop is just exclusive for CryptoTalk, but not hosted by them. This token will have a bigger role in our games that will be released next year. However, you can read more about it in the whitepaper, which you can find on If you mean the airdrops that are listed on the, these are not hosted by us. We do not have any Telegram bot for TKS distribution. In the airdrop you just have to follow the announcement group.
  5. Token is still undergoing distribution but can be traded in DEXes such as ForkDelta, McAfee DEX etc.
  6. Yes, this is a different project on a different blockchain. 🙂
  7. Hi Yazzid, I think you might be talking about the TKS on Waves. Our TKS is on Ethereum and has a total supply of 4200.
  8. Website: Maximum 100 participants! Thread will be closed after distribution. Dear CryptoTalk community! We have decided to share a portion of the airdrop allocation to the CryptoTalk community in this small and exclusive airdrop! We are giving away 0.01 TKS to each member that successfully manages to follow the required steps: Requirements & Steps: 1. Follow Telegram announcement chat: 2. Follow official Twitter account: 3. Submit Telegram username, Twitter username + ETH (ERC-20 compatible) address to this thread.
  9. Tokenswim project has several aspects. You can read the whitepaper here: Whitepaper.pdf If you have any direct questions, feel free to mail us on [email protected] Bounty is currently undergoing: This token is on Waves protocol, while our TKS is on Ethereum.
  10. sk7qw623a - Thanks to Yobit exchange and CryptoTalk forum for the opportunity to earn money for each message!
  11. Sign up for period 2 has just started! Opt in here:
  12. Website | Purchase subscription | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | VKontakte
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