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  1. Hi Admin, I did not post a single post from the post (342 Post) Current number of useful post was 261 and now it become 215 since 5 dec 2019 . it look like system automatically convert useful post to unuseful post . at least 2 post become un useful in 24 hours . BiG bug at crypto talk please fix this here old post
  2. You should get bitcoin with this collected 200$ it may be increase by time if bitcoin get increase i think it is good idea to increase your asset , try not to loss money as much as you can , study things before invest into any project
  3. sayyedraza

    What is trading?

    Trading is the name of BUY n Sell something which can give you profit but if investor does not have good experince in trading they might get lost in trading but some time it is also a luck which will let you face loss so trading is the name of buy n sell things even in virtual world or physical world Good Luck and Happy trading
  4. Try to find some good project then study if you feel nice project then you can start invest into crypto ! check marjet before invest , and get some good info before invest
  5. You remind things again ! Let the past go and move forward May be NXT could reach again near 1 dollar ! it might get back all your loss in once ! Have a great month ! Good Luck for the future !
  6. YO coin is nice but if you really want safe investment on yobit then find YOVI it will never fall your investment it will be all the time profit ! so good luck Thanks
  7. DOgecoin is usually remain same as it is now ! it is just a few more satoshi to be add in the value like 100 satoshi or 150 satoshi but not really sure if it will be . last year it reach 100 above and it remain below 200 satoshi so dont not think too much for dogecoin ! Good Luck Thanks
  8. Wave-coin will create a huge wave it is just a matter of time , try to have some for the future if bitcoin not going to rise then some other will take part or it might divide by some good project ! Thanks Regards
  9. Holding is some what good if you hold bitcoin then it will sure give you some profit dont panic with bear market just be relax you are not alone in this world there is a huge que next to you ! Dream Big Thanks Regards
  10. Crypto Exchange Insurance can be perfect to cure your lost it is definitely nice to see if there is crypto exchange insurance plans ! being secured is trematodes idea Dream Big Thanks Good Luck
  11. Yes , Nothing is impossible bitcoin could reach 10K or 100K it is just a matter of time ! but panic can destruct your though what you were dreaming so keep dreaming no one can stop you to see dream ! Dream big ! Good Luck
  12. True. Not to panic if price down for bitcoin ! before you invest you must have to think 1000 times for investments try to be relax and pray for bitcoin to reach back at 10,000 dollar Good Luck Thanks
  13. Yes Time is not for mine with PC, It is far to think from this point ! you need to buy heavy machines which can solve algo for you ! and some other difficulties you must have to face once you start mining (physical and virtual) Thanks Regards
  14. it is overwhelming if we could say bitcoin to 1 million in just few months ! but it is not overconfident that bitcoin could reach 1 million in near future, Things can be exist if there will be positive pinging in such commodities. Thanks Regards
  15. Waves coin is actually a bit steady or near by a dollar or 0.65 mark (Approximately) and wave could be called a safe coin to deal with it ! if you are looking for potential project to intimate with it then it is nice to call waves ! Thanks Regards
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