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  1. It's been a while that the dump has persisted, many have hoped and predicted in several direction especially for the middle of the year till now and many have become so weary, their we're times I check my wallet like thrice a day, later twice, once and now a whole day I may not check. Most time like thrice a week, i'm sure i am not alone in this condition, how about you?
  2. Hi all, I want to invest some money in Bitcoin (long term investment) It's better wait the next fall down (like the situation on December/January), or buy now? Otherwise fixing a target for example 7000 or 8000 $ and buy in that moment? Thank you in advance for your suggestion
  3. I use to lose most of the time in trading and it's giving me headache. I want to ask to you guys which trading pair is better preference in bear/bull markets, whether you trade with BTC pairing during bull market or USDT pairing in bear market? I need a suggestion from community.
  4. The people manipulating the price are becoming too predictable now. They trigger a massive drop in the price and people follow like sheep and start dumping some coins. When the price drop between $600 to $1000, they quickly start buying again to turn things around and then they just wait for the price to recover slowly to sell at a $600 to $1000 (per coin) profit. Rinse and repeat and you smile all the way to the Bank. They make sure not to make the price too volatile, because that would scare merchants and it will hamper merchant adoption. So, how low are we going this time around? We saw $3000 in January and we made some good profits at $12 000... The 2017 buyers made some massive losses on the coins that they bought at the all-time-high (ATH) of $18 000, so I think it is time to reward some of them with a recovery to $20 000.
  5. So i have decided i will start trading with 1BTC first. I have read many people suggesting me to day trade and earn some good profit daily. Let me tell you all, i have no experience in trading and it sound so difficult to me so please answer my questions so how can i start and where can i start? where to learn the basics? some good books? how much profit can i expect daily in the beginning? How to avoid major loss? is there any professional traders that allow to follow their trades and they charge some fees for it? Waiting for your answers
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