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  1. Честно говоря, лично для меня я не могу уйти с рынка, потому что торговля - это деньги, и нет никого, кто ненавидит деньги, но очень важно отдохнуть несколько дней, я не торгую только тогда, когда начинается медвежий рынок.
  2. Я тоже люблю тебя, я почти торгую каждый день, и нет дня, когда весь мой баланс находится в биткойнах, всегда в альткойнах, и иногда я получаю много потерь из-за этого, важно не торговать день или два.
  3. of course its not easy to get profit if you are investing in the short time especially in cryptocurrency because the market is always have high volatility but for me its easy becausei get used to it , but in all cases investing for the long term is better in ROI .
  4. i wasnt wrong after all , ripple can give you a good profit for the long term but for the short term you can become sick because of it lol , thanks god i dont deal with ripple and i never invested in it so i didnt get loss from it .
  5. if you think its normal for you i respect that , but for me as an author i always look for other's opinion and also those who dont agree with me so can build a helpful conversation that other member and newbies can benefit from , if we are all in the same line i think its useless tho .
  6. No i didnt mean you , i just copied the url of the topic , i meant lot of other new members and even new ones are posting almost the same post every day and i just cant report them all so i have to lock the topic for a while maybe , thats it .
  7. @Dialo mate if you are intrested more bout becoming a good trader maybe you can check my topics here , lot of members benfits from it already , good luck .
  8. Yes reporting might be helpful but untill when ! as exemple go check my two topics here : They are full of spamming posts , the funny thing in that is that almost all members agreeing with me in the opinion lol , no one have his own opinion they all repeating the same words over and over , i think maybe i just need to close the topics for the moment .
  9. He can be doing both , but i think he is already the richest man ever on the earth so i think he doesnt need FOMO but maybe he saw in blokchain and crypto currency as he mentioned many altcoins , he saw in it a great solution for many existant problems right now the world, thats my theory .
  10. Any payment system suggestions that other than the current one is welcomed according to my opinion , i still see members with more than 1000 posts but sharing only duplicated , useless and meaningful posts but they still get paid lol , how this gonna help the price then ?
  11. I respect your opinion too , and also as i mentioned the competetion levels will be for all members and not just for old ones or those who have more experiance or education , and also if you keep using the current system i dont see any chance for talk token to recover .
  12. У эфира большое будущее, ATH eth еще не сломался, но я верю в будущее, и мы увидим эфириум по гораздо более высоким ценам, может быть, 5000 долларов или даже больше, так что это хороший шанс инвестировать в долгосрочную перспективу.
  13. @Dialo Thats good man , its never too late so if you have the ability to start your journey in crypto trading so do it now , also if you decided to do it and you needed some help dont think twice about asking for help either from me or other members in the forum .
  14. @Ruel123 dont post out of topic please , if you have a good opinion share it and if you dont have and i gess you dont , just try to read the previous posts and get valuable information from it , and also about your posts airdrops are no longer works and also they dont pay too much money ..
  15. это явно афера и нет валюты проекта, как это было в прошлом, dlrs, nominex и многие трейдеры-новички потеряли свои деньги в таких монетах, поэтому я не советую никому инвестировать в эту новую монету yobit. @Jordenilo @catti120 Даже если биржа поддерживает токен, цена рано или поздно упадет точно так же, как это произошло с токеном разговора.
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