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  1. I don’t think that will happen, you can’t stop the hacker except by increasing your protection type and I think they will always try to penetrate and break our protection especially if I enter a lot of money into this field in the coming years
  2. Yes, it was necessary to occur such laws, but it is a little late, because in 2017 and 2018 many people were get scammed by these new currencies and random investment methods ( ICO's).
  3. Currently, I think that Bitcoin Cash Hua is less expensive than Bitcoin, then followed by the currency of Ethereum, Monero and litcoin .
  4. This is a good thing to hear. Indeed, the countries seemed to be racing to build modern technologies with the help of the blockchain. Indonesia is not the first country and it will not be the last.
  5. If you were talking about this happening here in the forum, it means that new laws must be put in place for bounty owners to the effect that Bitcoin must be paid and not in currencies, so they will not accept this.
  6. You can go to the taps if you are not fluent in trading or do not have capital to start, if you want links please contact me on the special so that I can help you with some facuets I used to work in the past.
  7. Yes, purification of bitcoin is a very advanced technology in the world and among the genius technologies, if it was worked out and generalized in the whole world, I think it will solve many problems.
  8. In fact, I am not coming from the future to tell you, but I depended on senior analysts and their opinion on the price of bitcoin after 5 and 10 years, they think that the price will gradually rise again and they expect to exceed 100 thousand dollars by 2030.
  9. You talked about the field of Crypto, but you summed it up in one currency. The market for digital currencies is a very vast market and is a market for many digital currencies as it is a very volatile and fast market that contains high liquidity, in addition to your information.
  10. well , personally I am interested in all sections of the forum but in degrees, the most interesting sections for me are the exchange , trading and bitcoins sections .
  11. Yes, right. Either it is a failed currency, or it is in its annual session, for your knowledge that the MATIC coin also dump yesterday by 30 %, and it has caused great losses to many traders.
  12. Yes, this is a good thing. Frankly, I have not tested the strategy on the binance exchange because I am trading there only for Bitcoin, but I think it is successful in the yobit platform with a large percentage.
  13. Actually, I can’t do that, I use add-ons that block ads and they don’t do its work completely, I don’t think that turning them off will help me deter ads. I’ll try this in the near future maybe, thank you for the information .
  14. Yes, I think so, this is not just my words. big analysts and experts in the Forex and Crypto market acknowledge this. If you browse their tweets on Twitter, you will find that they prefer holding over daily trading.
  15. Yes, and this is my opinion from the beginning of the work in this forum. The taps are not the same as they were before. When the price of bitcoin was $ 1,000, we were earning 15,000 satoshi every 15 minutes for your information.
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