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  1. [Announcement] Pre-whitelisting for Metaverse Odyssey Event The journey continues from Bit.Country Pioneer to Bit.Country Continuum and to an even wider Metaverse.Network ecosystem on Polkadot. The Metaverse Odyssey Event is for NUUM, the native utility token of Metaverse.Network (our Blockchain) and Bit.Country Continuum on Polkadot. We are pleased to announce that the pre-whitelisting site is live for the upcoming Metaverse Odyssey Event. This allows qualified Pioneer crowdloan contributors to link their email with their wallet’s contribution for pre-whitelisting. There will be three rounds for the event. *Update for round 1. Blindbox NFT holders who have claimed will be whitelisted. Pre-whitelisting site The deadline for pre-whitelisting is 20th/Nov/2021 00:00:00 UTC+0, about 7 days away from now. If you are not qualified for the first 2 rounds and are interested in our public event, you can sign up for our public event newsletter on the same website. FAQ ✔️What is the price, and min & max allocation for NUUM? This will be available on Tokensoft once the rounds kick off. ✔️If I am eligible for round 1, am I eligible for round 2? Yes, and anyone can also join the public round, round 3. ✔️How can we check our crowdloan NEER reward? We are busy processing the data and developing a new site for checking NEER rewards and referrals. Due to the priority of our Metaverse Odyssey Event, and that Kusama’s auctions almost clashed with this event, the team has put more of our focus into this event first. Rest assured, your KSM contribution rewards are safely recorded on Kusama and all the referral data has been kept safe in multiple locations. ✔️When should I expect to know if I won the additional land block gift? We have been working on this, and the team is debating two main points. We are also taking opinions from the community. So far, there is some good news to share, the debate is in favor of the majority of the pioneer crowdloan contributors receiving a space in Bit.Country Pioneer. The difference will be around the size, land types, and distribution method. Due to many upcoming events, we aim to announce it in Dec 2021 before Christmas day. ✔️When is the Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network crowdloan on Polkadot? Historically speaking, a well-performing canary network on Kusama is likely to have a successful outcome on Polkadot. That means if we focus on the Pioneer network on Kusama, we are actually curating value for its Polkadot cousin. We will start the Polkadot crowdloan when the timing is right. However, because web3 is developing at a rapid pace, this event could be sooner or later. Please stay tuned. ✔️What is the main purpose of Bit.Country Continuum & Metaverse.Network on Polkadot? The purpose of Bit.Country Continuum on Polkadot is to give more room for growth in terms of token supply and land block supply. It will also bring the top-performing individual metaverses from Pioneer to join the force to bootstrap the network. There will be different features, narratives, and more episodes. The purpose of Metaverse.Network on Polkadot is to enable enterprises to launch their own metaverse projects and collaborate with our metaverse initiatives. ✔️Having issues of verification in pre-whitelisting. Different Wallet Troubleshooting Website — Our Blockchain — Whitepaper — https://No link shortners - please include original link/3dP5TNv New Ideas — Social Channels Twitter — Medium — LinkedIn — Facebook — FB Group — Telegram Announcement — Chat Groups Telegram Group — Discord Channel —
  2. Introducing Captain Crypto: Alphr V2’s Premier Wallet!Deposit your ETH to automatically copy trade Alphr’s premier high yielding wallet today!Who is Captain Crypto?Captain Crypto is Alphr’s premier high yielding AMT wallet profile. His investments are diversified across some of the top cryptocurrencies including $ETH, $USDT, and $LINK. Over the past year he has increased his wallet value by over 900%. Captain Crypto accomplished this through taking calculated risks with intelligent trade positions, consolidating those earnings into stables, holding, and thorough investigation of top performing coins like $LINK and $PNK. Here at Alphr we have extensively studied Captain Crypto’s trading performance. Roughly 18% of his holdings are in stable coins ($USDT), 48% in $ETH, and 3.1% in $LINK. (percentage holdings are subject to change due to trading behavior)Captain Crypto is a consistent trader and reliably sells the local tops and buys the local bottoms for maximum growth during any market condition. His sharpe ratio, which is a financial measure of return vs. risk shows a promising 1.80 ratio. This is a favorable value meaning that he is a reliable place to allocate funds. For perspective, one of the top mutual funds in traditional finance, PRWCX, has a sharpe ratio of 1.44 and has a one year annualized return of just over 5%. Captain Crypto trumps these figures immensely with not only a better performing sharpe ratio of 1.80, but also expected returns of over 800% on the year.Some traders may argue that a 900% increase is not too amazing to accomplish, but we will tell you that for a small bag holder (<5 million) large percentage increases are much easier to accomplish and maintain when compared to large wallet sizes like that of Captain Crypto. Wallets that manage over 5 million in assets are much more difficult to 5x, 8x consistently through any market conditions. Our statistical analyses have shown that Captain Crypto has consistently been a successful trader through bulls and bears. With Alphr its easy for anyone to get an edge in DeFi through our automated mirror pools of extensively studied, top performing wallets. Captain Crypto is the first of many wallet profiles to come.Alphr’s automated mirror pools allow anyone with a DeFi wallet to 1. Connect their Wallet 2. Deposit their Ethereum 3. Automatically copy every Captain Crypto transactionNowhere else in DeFi has an application enabled permissionless copy trading of the top performing wallets in crypto. You are early if you are reading this, take advantage now and automatically mirror Captain Crypto today! Start Copy Trading with Captain Crypto Today!: Buy $ALPHR token on Uniswap: Read about our Statistical Analyses of the Top Performing Wallets in Defi!: Telegram: Announcement Telegram: Medium:
  3. Cryptoseaman

    DNFT Protocol

    DNF Staking Pool is alive Now About DNFT Protocol DNFT Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain NFT network. It allows users to mint, trade and manages NFT assets across blockchains, e.g. arts, game & metaverse assets, and data models. By presenting a Data-model as an NFT(DAAN) conception, DNFT pioneers the scenario of NFT applying to the AI industry.Staking $DNF for $DNF! The Staking Pool is now alive!Staking Pool Link: 1 Month Staking PoolStaking Period: 1 Month APY: 100% Total Rewards: 100,000 $DNF Network: BSC3 Month Staking PoolStaking Period: 3 Months APY: 150% Total Rewards: 150,000 $DNF Network: BSC6 Month Staking PoolStaking Period: 6 Months APY: 200% Total Rewards: 250,000 $DNF Network: BSC⚠️You can not withdraw your DNF until the Staking Period is over!⚠️If you send more than 200 $DNF in one single deposit, you can claim a reward NFT(available in 3 staking pools)!⚠️Each BEP20 Address can only get 1 reward NFT!⚠️Reward NFT for 1 Month Staking PoolReward NFT for 3 Month Staking Pool Reward NFT for 6 Month Staking Pool WEBSITE - TWITTER - TELEGRAM - GITHUB - LINKEDIN -
  4. September Development UpdateLaunch Your Own Metaverse for Your CommunityFor August, it was another great month of progress. Including optimizations and new features. Our community has been really supportive, and community has grown significantly.Launched Webinar SeriesYou can view past and future Crowdcast over this link We plan to run frequent Crowdcast events to update our progress and introduce our concept to the community.This upcoming webinar by Ray and Gardi. Join here Platform Architecture & Brand NamesMetaverse.Network is the blockchain network of Bit.Country application framework.We release our ecosystem plan with the following architecture graph. Our platform allows non-technical users to build their own metaverse. Developers can use our API to develop their games and smart contract dapps. NUUM token is the fuel that powering the entire ecosystem.Winners AnnouncedCongratulations to the winners, please check the results on CoinMarketcap website or view it on Google doc 👇 Pioneer — Canary on KusamaPioneer is the sister & canary network of Bit.Country Metaverse Network. Follow us Development Updates Shannon’s Update (3D)3D Metaverse-тMinimap added to the world — users can find their orientation more quickly and shows other players - The VOID has been implemented, the raw unallocated space surrounding the land blocks within a bit country - BIT mining — users are able to mine BIT found in the VOID, then awarded to their account for later use - Added world assets system — users can upload their own assets and place them into the world for decorative purposes - Optimizations to the system to improve CPU efficiency for animations and gameplayAvatar - Development has started on NFT image baking — allow an avatar to place an NFT on their character in a performant way - Integrations into Metaverse to support new cosmetic system Continuum- Performance improvements related to ahead of time rendering of map tilesJustin’s Update (Blockchain)BIT Mining- BIT mining protocol designed and implemented, allows the network to mint and burn BIT resources, user withdraw and deposit BIT from/to hot wallet. - Developed mining engine to support mining concept, mining settlement on blockchain network.Land- Land system design and implementation. Designing Land system in both EVM and Bit.Country Network to ensure they are composable cross-chains using ERC-721 standard.EVM Compatibility- Research and design Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility layer for Bit.Country Network that allows users to deploy Solidity smart contract to Bit.Country Network. Official LinksWebsite — Our Blockchain — Whitepaper — New Ideas — Social Channels Twitter — Medium — LinkedIn — Facebook — FB Group — Telegram Announcement — Chat Groups Telegram Group — Discord Channel — Signups Ambassador Program — Early Access Waiting List — Ticker $NUUM (Taking from Continuum and it is about ‘U’) Email (Partnership) [email protected] (http://[email protected]/)
  5. Introducing Alphr.FinanceAlphr is a decentralized social trading platform. We have seen many successful efforts to automate yield farming. You can deposit your funds into permissionless non custodial solutions that will find the best yield. What if you could do the same to find the best trades?Vision: Alphr enables anyone to trade with the alpha of the most successful investors in crypto. Buy when they buy, sell when they sell. Alphr uses AMT (automated mirror trading) to mirror the trades of the most successful wallets based on historic returns. Users can select from a plethora of the most successful crypto traders to mirror, based on their wallet DEX trade history. When a user selects a wallet to mirror, they then deposit funds into a smart contract pool and that routing smart contract will mirror all the trades of the selected investor wallet. Users can search any wallet and if a pool doesn’t exist a mirror pool can be created by the user. Alphr can save users considerable gas fees by achieving economies of scale, due to funds being routed together a single transaction. What problems does Alphr solve?1) Gas fees — High fees have put DeFi and Dex trading out of the reach of many smaller investors. Gas fees are shared by the whole mirror pool. 2) Passive How many tokens and telegram groups can one person actually track? How many hours can one person actually stay awake? Alphr takes the work out of crypto trading. 3) Alpha — There’s always going to be someone with more alpha than you, why not just copy them with a portion of your portfolio? 4) Low barrier to entry — For many people the space is daunting and confusing, people don’t know which tokens to buy and the perceived risk of losing money keeps them from entering. Automated mirroring of the most successful traders, lowers the barrier to entry.Fees0.2% transaction fees10% performance fee (profits only)Alphr charges a 0.2% fee on all transactions, all fees are distributed to $Alphr holders via a burn mechanism.A 10% performance fee is charged on all profits generated by the protocol. This performance fee is only charged upon withdrawal and only on the profit that has been generated for the user.Alphr Governance TokenThe Alphr token ($ALPHR) is the governance token of the Alphr protocol and captures all the value of fees generated by the protocol. 75% of the protocol fees will be utilized to remunerate Alphr users providing liquidity on Uniswap in exchange for the service they are providing to the protocol and Alphr ecosystem. The other 25% are sent to the token holder controlled community development fund. Holders will also be able to initiate and vote on governance proposals, in addition to voting on how to utilize the Alphr community fund. The Alphr community fund vesting will begin after a 2 month lock period to allow sufficient distribution of Alphr tokens amongst a wide holder-base.Alphr Protocol User Rewards30% of the total $Alphr supply will be allocated to protocol users and Mirrors. $Alphr will be allocated to protocol users proportionally based on the value of fees generated by each user. Wallets that are being mirrored will also receive a portion of the $Alphr mining pool to ensure fairness and goodwill in the crypto community towards mirror trading. In other words if your trades are being mirrored at least you’re getting some of the benefit.Alphr stakingThere will be a Uniswap V3 LP mining programme commencing in May.RoadmapFeb — Development commenced Feb/Mar — Private sale April — IDO + Uniswap listing May — Early alpha launchSummary- Trade with the alpha of the best performing wallets in crypto. - A new use case for smart contract pools and routing. - Community owned via governance token and LP mining programme. - Fair and incentivizing for wallets being mirrored. - Opens up crypto and DEX trading to a wider userbase. Twitter: Telegram: Announcement Telegram: Medium:
  6. Development Updates July 2021 Here is the development update for July 2021 from the middle metaverse. Community campaign launched, Bootcamp at Creative Destruction Lab, Alpha 0.1 development. 1 BC team has been selected by Creative Destruction Lab bootcamp by the University of Toronto. 2 Launched blind box campaign to distribute NFTs & prizes using testnet network. 15K users participated within 4 days since launch. More 1200 retweets. See Users Prizes. 3 Testnet faucet has a total user account of ~23K, (3K in early June) Collator node campaign remains on the top. More 4 1143 tasks have been completed by our Ambassador candidates. The community is reviewing each of their tasks. 5 New staff members: Added Adeline in gaming, Jerry as full-stack, Mike in web/Blockchain to the engineering team. 6 Launched a new website with a new design. 7 The dev team led by Justin and Shannon is busy preparing alpha-0.1 for selected internal users. Dashboard Testing 3D NFT in the virtual world A Bit Country Map — User’s own map of the 3D World 8 Our team members were invited to join various panel discussions. The previous update can be found here. About Bit.Country Bit.Country is a platform that enables anyone to start their own metaverse. An individual can choose his own token, with a specific token economy structure in his/her metaverse. The framework also supports NFTs. Purpose of Bit.Country The main purpose of Bit.Country is to provide opportunities of value access for ordinary people. The network will help many individuals benefit from the metaverse. Even common people will be able to earn a tangible income by contributing to the Bit.Country communities. Bit.Country’s Education System The team believes that education is the door to great things. As such, they have released multiple courses to train and educate people and help them be more informed. It is vital that as many as possible become aware of the upcoming paradigm shift in the digital ecosystem. The education system set in place by Bit.Country aims at achieving this. Conclusion Bit.Country will take the virtual world to another level. While many things can be done and enjoyed virtually today, some key elements of the real world are still missing. It is the goal of the company to replicate the fun and reality of the physical world in the virtual ecosystem. Since humans will always be inclined to explore new things, the concept of owning and playing a role in Bit.Country will be welcomed by tons of individuals. More so, the framework of the virtual bit country ensures that individuals can earn and get rewarded for services just like it happens in the real world. This will be an added reason for participation. Official Links Website — Our Blockchain — Whitepaper — https://report as spam/3dP5TNv New Ideas — Social Channels Twitter — Medium — LinkedIn — Facebook — FB Group — Telegram Announcement — Chat Groups Telegram Group — Discord Channel — Signups Ambassador Program — Early Access Waiting List — Ticker $NUUM (Taking from Continuum and it is about ‘U’) Email (Partnership) [email protected] (http://[email protected]/)
  7. Bit.Country 3D Architect Competition. Prizes: Land, $KSM & MoreBlock collision, Meta in Chaos before the Genesis: Kicking off the first Bit.Country design competition. Let’s show your creativity and metaverse dream!“There is no loneliness in the metaverse, Only carnivals from different planets. Metaverse is the super highway of dreams and happiness”Hi, 3D lovers, metaverse dreamers, It is the time to show your creativity! 2021 is the year when NFT is detonated. Countless amazing creative works have set off a boom sweeping the whole industry. The Bit.Country 3D Architect Competition is a freestyle design competition open to professional and young designers.As a designer, metaverse can not only let you show your talents but also let you find more inspiration in this unrestrained world.In 2021, our Bit.Country will bring you to a new metaverse era!As the first metaverse project in Polkadot, we always adhere to the principle of openness and mutual benefit to cooperate with our partners. We hope Bit.Country is not only our world but also the world created by everyone! Designers are welcome to contribute their original works, whether they are skyscrapers or street corner tiles. Let’s build our ideal Bit.Country together! Competition ProcessVery simple to get started, please see stage 1.Stage 1: Contribution CollectionAt this stage, the designers should first create 2D plane images of their ideas and send them to Twitter by tagging @BitDotCountry with the hashtag #BitCountry3DPrizeStage 2: Network Council and Public VotingYour submission will be evaluated on both aesthetics and technical properties. We will select the qualified artwork and send further invitations to the designers. After that, the designers can start to make the 3D version of the work. Please make sure that the final submission format is. obj, . glb/. gltfStage 3: Announcement of the Final Winners.We will make the announcement of the final winners on our official social media TwitterRequirements:- File format — .obj or .glb/.gltf - Keep polycount at 8k or below - The maximum size for any dimension should be less than 3 meters. - Preferably the textures should be baked. (We support both polygons and voxels)*As a builder on Polkadot or Kusama, we also encourage teams to use Polkadot and Kusama elements in their design. Especially for Kusama, as an innovative way of funding using crowd loans is taking place right now.Benefits and Rewards- 2 Blocks of Land - 0.5 KSM. Winning designs will get 0.5 KSM. - Bit.Country Authorised 3D Architect. The “Bit. Country Authorised 3D Architect” is proof of the quality of 3D Architect. which you can use to highlight the qualifications of your designs in Bit.Country and Metaverse World. - Bit.Country 3D Architect NFT from the Genesis Collection.Competition Rules 1. All entries must be original and contain Bit.Country elements, also encourage the teams to use Kusama and Polkadot concept. No plagiarism or infringement. 2. The theme of the work is not limited (except for sensitive topics such as politics, violence, and race) 3. Please make sure that the final submission format is. obj, . glb/. gltf 4. There will be an exhibition where the creations will be displayed in Bit.Country, along with accreditation to the original artist.Next StepJoin our #world-builder channel on Discord. And briefly introduce yourself. Then, you can start the stage 1 process. Share your 2D concept on Twitter and tag @BitDotCountry with the hashtag #BitCountry3DPrizeShow your imagination of a Metaverse civilization.Social ChannelsTwitter — — https://bitcountry.medium.comLinkedIn — — Group — Announcement — GroupsTelegram Group — Channel — Program — Access Waiting List —$NUUM (Taking from Continuum and it is about ‘U’)Email (Partnership)[email protected] (http://[email protected]/)
  8. Bit.Country team is selected to join the 2021 Cohort at Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator21 teams are selected out of 200+ applications, we are in!Project Bit.Country is a recent project launched by team that has been officially accepted by Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator in Silicon valley. This is a milestone for us and our project members would have the access to the top minds on the planet to take the project to the global stage. You can find the official media release here. The Xcelerator launched in January 2019 as a joint venture between Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, SCET, and Blockchain at Berkeley. Since then, it has incubated over 40 companies that have raised a total of $25M+ in seed and early-stage funding. We are thrilled to relay to you that our team at the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator has selected your team for an invitation to join our 2021 Cohort!More than 75% of the inaugural batch raised follow-on funding at or after Demo Day, making the Xcelerator one of the best university-based, non-dilutive blockchain accelerators in the country. Our team is really looking forward to learning more and meeting great people from the program. Our pipeline was stronger than ever and represents the notable progress with this technology. We at UC Berkeley look forward to working with your team to move this industry forward in a credible and successful manner.What is Bit.CountryIn Bit.Country, everyone can start their own metaverse for their fans, followers, members, and fambam! Truly own your community and bring in the power of tokenized economy! Create a virtual world with NFTs for your Telegram group, Wechat group, Twitter followers, Discord, Linkedin and Facebook group.Stay updated with our rapid developmentEarly access is available on our website The Ambassador program is available on our websiteWebsite: Twitter: Medium: GitHub: Telegram:
  9. Website: https://bit.countryTwitter:
  10. - ИЗУЧАЙТЕ
  11. 🌍География проекта: где сегодня используется ZYX Network❓ 🗺Криптомонета ZYX Network уже распространена в странах СНГ, Европы, Латинской Америки и даже Китая. ⏳За несколько месяцев своего существования криптовалюта успела стать не только платежным инструментом, но и выгодной инвестицией. 📍Итак, где сегодня чаще всего используется ZYX Network: 📣Абсолютными лидером стали страны СНГ. Свыше 30% пользователей монетой живут в России, Украине, Белоруссии, Казахстане и других странах СНГ; 🔹Следом за ними идут страны Европы. Больше всего пользователей ZYX Network сконцентрированы в Испании, Англии, а также странах Восточной Европы:Польша, Чехия и другие. 🔸Около 40% держателей монеты находятся в странах Латинской Америки, а также странах Азии; 🔥Как видите, проект #ZYX Nеtwork уже стал международным и постепенно покоряет рынки. 📈В ближайших планах компании - увеличить присутствие в странах Азии и привлечь новых пользователей из Китая, Японии, Сингапура.
  12. ❓Что такое криптовалютная карта и зачем она нужна ZYX Network 💳Больше 30% населения Европы ежедневно расплачиваются за покупки и услуги кредитными или дебетовыми картами. 📌Этот платежный инструмент настолько вошел в повседневную жизнь, что представить себе шоппинг без карты уже невозможно. Поэтому криптовалютные проекты также выпускают собственные карты для удобства пользователей. 💎В ближайшем будущем команда проекта ZYX запустит свою карту для расчетов в криптовалюте, которую можно будет использовать как в системе банкоматов ZYX, так же и расплачиваться через платежные терминалы. 📍Как будет работать карта: 🔸Для оплаты товаров и услуг через платежные терминалы, поддерживающие криптовалюты; 🔸Для оплаты товаров и услуг через платежные терминалы, которые способны конвертировать криптовалюты в фиатные деньги; 🔸Для снятия наличных в банкоматах ZYX через конвертацию монеты в фиатные деньги; 🔸Для оплаты товаров и услуг через электронные платежные сети; ❇️Другими словами, карта ZYX будет работать по принципу привычной банковской карты, но обладать большим спектром услуг. 🤝О запуске карт в использование, мы сообщим дополнительно. 💫А пока вы можете приобрести монеты по доступным ценам и хранить их в кошельке. 💡После запуска платежных карты, вы сможете связать кошелек и платежную карту и использовать ее по своему выбору. ИСТОЧНИК -
  13. ZYX Network начинает сотрудничество с LedgerКомпания Ledger является одним из крупнейших производителей аппаратных криптовалютных кошельков (да, это те самые кошельки в виде флешки).Он позволяет обезопасить хранение криптовалют, а также повысит удобство для пользователей.Кошелек удобно носить с собой, не боясь, что хакеры взломают ваш интернет-кошелек и выведут все деньги.А теперь главная новость!Совсем скоро мы разыграем брендированные кошельки Ledger среди наших трейдеров и пользователей.Так, что следите за нашими новостями и не упустите возможность выиграть!источник -
  14. 🤝Uniswap добавляет в свой протокол монету ZYX Network 🔝Один из самых популярных протоколов, предоставляющий ликвидность в Ethereum. 🚀Листинг в протоколе Uniswap позволит ZYX Network привлечь дополнительную ликвидность, а также создать новые пулы, чтобы вы смогли зарабатывать с криптовалютой ZYX Network еще больше во время стремительного роста рынка DeFi.
  15. 🤝ZYX Network и Ethereum. Что их объединяет❓ 🏗Компания ZYX Network намерена создать мост с блокчейн ЕТН, что позволит перемещать токены эфира с одного блокчейна на другой без лишних действий. ❇️Кроме того, это облегчит пользователям вход в монету, а также позволит интегрировать ZYX Network в сервисы, разработанные на блокчейн Ethereum. ❓Для чего это делается: ➕Интеграция позволит соединить блокчейн ZYX с блокчейн Ethereum; беспрепятственно обменивать ZYX на любую монету, созданную на Ethereum: USDT, USDC, Eth и другие; ➕открывать пулы монеты ZYX для разработчиков; 🚀Все это приведет к увеличению рынка монеты ZYX на любой бирже, а также будет способствовать привлечению новых участников эко-системы и партнеров.
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