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Found 10 results

  1. here is always a question, why not create a real currency that resembles Bitcoin or use it as a currency? The answer involves a philosophical ethical and technical side. First, what does resemblance mean? Central banks and financial institutions adopt some of the characteristics of Bitcoin and apply them according to their goals but can they be adopted as real digital currencies? No, the version that governments may adopt of Bitcoin or any currency that comes out of the womb of central banks loses the most important qualities of "decentralization" that real cryptocurrencies possess as there is no entity responsible for them in the authoritarian sense and there are no failures or even weaknesses that any opponent can to attack her.
  2. Free Airdrop FLX coin The platform has its main office in Turkey and through it you can buy digital currencies through it through Turkish banks and the international Turkish company Babara card .. for a small fee compared to others The platform gives $ 900 in FLX currency after verifying the documents .. All documents are accepted for identity cards or passports for all countries It gives $ 450 FLX coin for verified referrals $ 100 FLX coin for the first deposit (above 10 Turkish liras, equivalent to $ 1.5) You give $ 30 FLX to join the platform's Twitter account It gives $ 120 FLX tokens to join Telegram, divided into $ 60 FLX to join the official channel and $ 60 FLX to join the platform's official group.
  3. If you deviate choose between $ 1 BTC or € 15,000 that you must hold for 3 years?
  4. The weight of the dollar and its effect on the markets The dollar after being harshly overshadowed for months by currencies such as the Japanese Yen, had a rebound in its index of 1.5%, something not alarming but that for some without a doubt is related to the decline of some assets. The demand and the upward movement of Bitcoin, has been coined as a result of a correlation to the value of the dollar, if it is in decline, both Bitcoin and gold rebound in values, but if the dollar rebounds, then the aforementioned they start to lose value, being the gold most affected in a term of 24 hours where it lost 3.5% of its value compared to the Bitcoin which lost only 3% in 48 hours, with rebounds in various markets, this opened the discussion again, about, which one is best option to safest save money. Different analysts attributed the increase in the price of Bitcoin and gold, to dollar weakened by the global economic crisis caused by different factors that were intensifying by the pandemic. I consider that they are related only as a means to safeguard money, I mean that many resorted to the purchase of gold and cryptos, with that objective in mind, but now that the crisis of the pandemic is gradually being overcome and various aspects of the economy is being reactivated, caused a liquidation of digital assets and minerals, which have as a result a rebound in the dollar. What do you think about this, are they related the movements of one market? this affect the rest? On which option do you prefer to save money, Bitcoin, Gold or fiat money (Dollar)? Source: link1 link 2
  5. QQSwap Airdrop 1 QQX = $ 1 To join 50 QQX 5 QQX to referral ✅ Complete Tasks: Join Telegram Channels Follow Twitter and Retweet ✅ Put your Ethereum wallet address on Trustwallet or Metamask 🔜 Draw November 10
  6. New site and big profits Site explanation: It is a platform to download videos from anywhere and without any conditions. You only have to bring views of the video you upload There are collections for earnings per 10,000 views $ 40, $ 20, $ 10, $ 6, and $ 4, according to the countries mentioned in the schedule of each group Site terms are very easy, and they are: Mentionsed Longer video counts for +0 minutes of views. Legal adult content allowed. For both normal and embedded videos, you earn 100%, and there are no restrictions. Counts up to 3 views in 24 hours per user / IP address. The minimum payout is $ 10. You will be excluded and banned if you attempt to tamper with our system. Passive income We have a fixed referral program. When a user registers with your referral link, 20% of their earnings will be added to your account. Financing pay every Monday and Friday, and partners can receive payments in WebMoney, Paypal and Alipay
  7. Company Link: ✅ What is B4U It is a Malaysian company that includes many varied commercial companies that have extensive experience in the investment market and technologies B4U was established in 2017 in Malaysia The founder of B4U is the businessman Saif Rahman Khan, a Malaysian national of Pakistani origin, a master's in economics and has more than 25 years in trade and has great experience in import and export since 2015 ✅ * B4U is a group of companies that have activities in various fields, including: * 1. Real estate business 2. Trading in digital currencies 3. Information technology 4. Transportation services 5. Trade 6. Manufacture of motorcycles 7. In satellite channels 8. Rahman farmer 9. Petroleum 10. B4U Governor And many other companies ✅ * The company's mission and what does it do ...? * Establishing a group of different businesses that allow its investors to obtain monthly profits from their investments in the company and also generate other profits from their marketing and different methods. ✅ * Why B4U ...? * 1. Because it owns a group of diversified and future companies that keep pace with the era of development and also with real projects. 2. Extensive experience in trade and finance. 3. The possibility of developing serious and stable business with it 4. Extensive experience in trading digital currencies. 5. Continuous international expansion and sharing of its knowledge with the world. B4U and its subsidiaries have been registered in many countries, including: Malaysia 🇲🇾 Pakistan 🇵🇰 Thailand 🇹🇭 Indonesia 🇮🇩 Cambodia 🇰🇭 Myanmar 🇲🇲 Philippines 🇵🇭 United States 🇺🇸 Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 Canada 🇨🇦 Japan 🇯🇵 Spain🇪🇸 Malta 🇲🇹 And under registration and development in other countries, such as: Bahrain 🇧🇭 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 Turkey 🇹🇷 India 🇮🇳 Africa United kingdom ✅ * The B4U company holds many certificates from Malaysia, Pakistan, Myanmar and many other countries and also has fatwas for its legitimacy * ✅ * B4U is the most profitable company compared to most companies online today * * But the principle of B4U company is based on faith with the slogan "Name of Trust" among these values and real actions * * B4U is the best platform for your long-term investment * ✅ * B4U started as a trading company that opened opportunities for the public to invest in the company and make a profit from the trading and trading it does in many of the areas we mentioned * ✅ * In 2018, B4U expanded its business to Pakistan in the field of real estate, technology and transportation * ✅ * In addition, the B4U company has also established the B4U Foundation / Society, which focuses on the welfare of the community, which provides various humanitarian aid, financial care and financial aid to the needy and needy ✅ * In May 2019 B4U takes a step ahead of the Bravo Homes project by establishing Future Real Estate Private Equity Limited a real estate developer in Islamabad, Pakistan * ✅ * From B4U's deals, it proved its capabilities through establishing other subsidiary companies * ✅ * 100% of member investment funds are used for 60% of them for trading and the other 40% are used in other B4U companies * ✅ * The B4U company provides profits to investors with a monthly income of 7% as a minimum to a maximum of 20% of the invested amount per person, depending on the company's profits in its trade * Example 👇👇👇👇👇👇 Investment is the percentage of profit from investment The lowest is 7% to the highest 20% 👇👇 👇👇👇 $ 100 = $ 7 to $ 20 $ 200 = $ 14 to $ 40 $ 300 = $ 21 to $ 60 $ 400 = $ 28 to $ 80 $ 500 = $ 35 to $ 100 $ 600 = $ 42 to $ 120 $ 700 = $ 49 to $ 140 $ 800 = from $ 56 to $ 160 $ 900 = $ 63 to $ 180 $ 1000 = from $ 70 to $ 200 $ 3000 = from $ 210 to $ 600 $ 10,000 = from $ 700 to $ 2000 $ 20,000 = from $ 1,400 to $ 4,000 $ 30,000 = from $ 2,100 to $ 6,000 $ 40,000 = from $ 2,800 to $ 8,000 $ 50,000 = from $ 3,500 to $ 10,000 Question: A person has invested $ 1,000, how much will he earn a month? Answer: The percentage of profits is approximately between 7% to 20%, and accordingly, the investment profits on the $ 1000 range from $ 70 to $ 200 per month. ✅ * Also, B4U company provides profits and bonuses on marketing, meaning when a team registers for you in the company and they invest * * You will benefit from profits and bonuses from the company on your team * Profits and Bonuses 👇👇 ------------------------ Marketing profits: First: Investment Reward * Direct Commissions * You get profits on all the sums invested from your team from the first generation to the fifth generation, the commission rate starts between 3% to 15% according to the stage you reached in the promotions system, which is the 6 stages of the company. Question: If a person registers with you and makes an investment of $ 1000, what is the reward? Answer: The investment reward ratio ranges from 3% to 15%. Therefore, your reward will be between $ 30 and $ 150. Second: The monthly commission bonus also from the team You get monthly profits based on the profits of your team from the company from the first generation to the fifth generation, and the percentage ranges between 3% to 12% according to the stage you reached in the promotions system of the company. Question: If I worked hard and formed a team of investors and got monthly profits in the amount of $ 1000 💲 how would my reward be for this team’s profits? The answer: the team's reward percentage, or the so-called monthly commission, ranges from 3% to 12%, and on this basis you will earn monthly an amount from $ 30 dollars to $ 120 dollars. Company Link:
  8. Luis2198


    Good afternoon friends !! Here I leave you this question, how much do you think the initial value of each dollars coin will be?
  9. If you want to use YoBit as a market for cryptocurrencies, you must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages that we have described. Unlike many other cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, the exchange offers the advantage that extensive account verification is not required. Also, YoBit's commissions are very competitive and in the lower range compared to typical manufacturer / broker commissions on other exchanges. Although YoBit has so far focused on the Russian market, the platform is now targeting global expansion. The numerous positive reviews on the aforementioned rating portals show that YoBit is not a scam. Especially for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to buy rather unknown cryptocurrencies, YoBit is a very good address all over the world.
  10. A study reveals the different price ranges in which a wide variety of personal data is usually sold on the dark web, which can exceed $ 1,000. This is information that investigators obtained by reviewing sales postings and conducting surveys in illegal forums, marketplaces, and private messaging channels. The report, by cyber threat intelligence firm IntSights, is titled "What's the value of your data on the dark web?" There, analysts explore the different types of stolen information that cybercriminals sell in these markets. The prices at which they are quoted are indicated based on their novelty and exclusivity, in addition to their usefulness for the commission of other crimes.
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