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  1. Yes you are right. Such things should be declared well before time at the initial stages. KYC is a good system for distinguishing between fair workers and scammers. But it can also prove to be dangerous if the forum comes out as a scam platform.
  2. No doubt that Trust wallet is the most liked crypto wallet with multiple cryptocurrencies options. A great number of coins and tokens is listed on this wallet. All the processes related to cryptocurrencies storage, transfer, and deposits are highly protected.
  3. Advantages: Mobile phone is a source of communication with family, friends, and relevant people. You can know about anything all around the world by using internet. These are a good source of entertainment as well. Disadvantages: Misuse or over use of mobile phone is not good. It has reduced physical interaction and love among the people.
  4. Telegram bots are automatically functioning bots suggeted by sites where you have signed up. They contain saved responses for users of a relevant forums or organizations. For example, airdrop bots are created for airdrop users by relevant airdrop owners.
  5. I suggest you yobit exchange to try your luck in crypto world using cryptocurrencies. It provides better opportunities for crypto trading. You can learn and earn by using simple and understandable options of this forum.
  6. You are right friend. Cryptocurrencies are touching skies in trading market. All the trading forums are left behind by crypto market. It is a because of the love and trust of people for cryptocurrencies. Moreover, reliable behavior of cryptocurrencies is also discussable.
  7. Yeah you are really true. Everyone is busy in his work. No one is ready to help you for free or without his interests. Just learn to be self dependent and believe in yourself if you want to achieve big things in your life. Always be self supportive.
  8. Low volume coins are good choice for purchase when their rates are also lower along with volume. It is the most common rule of market that when a cryptocurrency become scarce in market, its price increases and vice versa.
  9. I would recommend USDT only if you want to store your currencies for trading in future. Because it is a stable coin and the fluctuations are least. So, for storage without trading, it is a better choice.
  10. I like LTC and Ripple as they have low prices. The students with less assets like me are also able to trade in these coins for reasonable profits. Moreover, their market fluctuations are also bearable. I hope that XRP will go up in upcoming months.
  11. My friend has also lot almost 150 USD in case of scam coins. You learn about things with the time. Always choose legitimate coins or tokens instead of jumping into trading blindly. Knowledge and experience together make you a successful trader.
  12. I don't have idea about any other exchange except yobit. Because yobit is the only exchange I use for crypto trading. Trading fees are very less up to 0.2% regardless of amounts of cryptocurrency being exchanged. If you exchange less or more cryptocurrencies, the fee is same.
  13. Halving is a good time for all traders. Experts say that rates of cryptocurrencies are increased. If BTC halving starts, it causes price of BTC to increase. Every trader waits for two moments in crypto market. One of these is halving and the second one is bull run.
  14. I also had no idea about anything related to crypto like cryptocurrencies, their market, trading, and trends. But after spending some time here on Cryptotalk, I came to know about everything related to this world. I am happy as well. Cryptotalk is simply a golden discovery for me.
  15. @Amhad shah Yes you are right sir. I am also one of such people who are regretting regarding late entry into the world of crypto. We missed a great opportunity of purchasing BTC in its earlier stages. Now we should be ready for ETH and take benefits from it.
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