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  1. rifat4393

    Payeer wallet

    Yeah, Payeer is really a good wallet which accept crypto currency. The big feature of it is we can easily convert our crypto currency to our local currency. It's so helpful wallet for all crypto users.
  2. Coinbase wallet is my favorite wallet. It's the most trusted, secure and popular wallet in crypto currency kingdom. The most of crypto currency user use this wallet. It's so much easy to use.
  3. I never use a hardware wallet. But I have heard so many times about this wallet. Every wallet has some basic feature like transfer and receive. So I hope hardware wallet has also the feature.
  4. I recommend you to use Coinbase wallet for yourself. It's so much trusted and secure. That's why it is popular too. And the big wonderful things is it's easy to use.
  5. Your post is so much helpful for me. Because, I am searching about a good hardware wallet. Everyone should use a hardware wallet to keep their cypto currency in a 100% secure place.
  6. In my opinion, Bitcoin core is the best crypto currency wallet for desktop. I have use it. It's so easy to use. And also secure, trusted and popular. I think every desktop user should try it who finding a desktop wallet.
  7. I have known about a new wallet to trade from your useful post. Thank you so much for your post. I have installed the wallet in my smartphone. It's a good wallet. Anyone can also try it.
  8. rifat4393

    Metamask wallet

    I feel so happy to learn about a new wallet. First time I heard about this wallet. I don't know how much it's trusted. All of crypto user should use a trusted wallet to keep their currency safe.
  9. Thanks for sharing about those android crypto currency wallet. Coinbase wallet has also a android app which we can use in our smartphone. It's so easy to use. And it has a good rating in play store.
  10. Thanks for share your opinion about those wallet with us. In my opinion, Coinbase is the most trusted and secure wallet. It's popular too. I am using this wallet for myself. It's really so easy to use.
  11. Well, Yobit is a good exchange site to trade. It's easy to use. XRP is good currency to trade in low bugged. In my opinion Litecoin is also good currency to trading. I have got so many profit from this currency.
  12. First of all read the rules of this forum. Never copy other post. Always make useful and unique post. And remember that if you want to by this forum then you have to link it with your Yobit account.
  13. Well it's the right place to gain your knowledge about crypto currency. There are lots of useful post. Just read those post. You can also make a new topic to learn or share your knowledge.
  14. To become a successful trader/investor you have to gain so much knowledge about crypto currency market. And you also need some money to start your trading.
  15. You can convert your bitcoint to USDT using your Yobit account. You can use search bar to find out the USDT currency. To convert your bitcoin to USD you can use Payeer.
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