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  1. It is better to leave things as they are, perhaps you will not care, but that procedure is what keeps you protected from penetration for a while. For the sake of precaution, and if you have an amount of money in the platform, it is better to leave the activation in order to notify you of any login process.
  2. Don't be messy. If you want to reach 1btc, you just have to focus on something from every side, but in a straight line. Start mining and that through a contract with a company, one of its packages. Or learn to trade and convert between currencies. So whenever you learn, you can achieve some profits, and every time you double your money, transfer to btc and you will not know how you reached it.
  3. Experience and success are not increased by a person, but to be gained and that by hard work. And learn from what you went through in terms of mistakes, experiences and successes. Every time you overcome a problem or what hurts you and make you fall and rise from that path, you gain it. Think smart. Get out of your place and change your career, don't be like a turtle's mind.
  4. You should read the original post to understand more. You are paid for each post of 1000 satoshi and 10 talk forum currency. You are allowed to write 20 posts per day and do not try to exceed the limit. You get 1 talk about each rating of other members' posts, so the minimum number of reviews is 50 and I mean to show likes. It is also better to review the conditions that must be met in every publication.
  5. If it is possible to mix them together, then if you share with others some of your experiences and how you gained that experience, then you are revealing important information. We receive information, analyze it, process it, apply it, then gain experience. This is how we learn from that information. So if you mix it between time and time you change the type of posts.
  6. Yes, it is better to do this. talk A number of factors caused its price to drop, including the majority of us members selling instead of buying from time to time. Also, the rise in the price of Bitcoin with the large number of selling led to a reversal of the currency and did not rise like other currencies, and as I said when the double payment stopped, the price rose. So it is better to do it every time.
  7. I currently rely on two filters. Coinpayments and Faucetpay, and on the Yobit platform, I am not facing any problem. Also, in order to protect your account, you have to do some steps where you change your password, and it must consist of letters and numbers. As a precaution and activation of 2FA by relying on your phone number or e-mail, this is when in order to notify you that your account has been logged in.
  8. The first forum I heard about was cryptotalk, and I was able to get what I couldn't in a month. I also learned a lot of strategies and information that will help me in the coming days. As for Bitcointalk, I got to know him in the forum and I don't know much about him except that he is no longer paying members.
  9. I agree with you about this idea, so the words will be corrected automatically. As for those who face a problem in correctly typing it, it is better for them to rely on the translator as well in order to translate the sentence that it was difficult for you to translate into English.
  10. If you are urging that currencies are rising significantly, know that whales are buying big in order to raise the price to the extent they want, and whoever starts selling, and in this way they compensate their profits by doubling the matter several times a year. In other words, when you notice that currencies are declining, know that selling is greater than the number of purchase orders.
  11. Yes, and that for several reasons, including that it is limited years ago, and it did not have much demand because its price was weak. But recently, the demand for it has increased because it has become valued at thousands of dollars. As well as with the spread that it will rise every four years. Interest increased on her.
  12. On my part, if opportunities appear and you are not determined, then you are straying in your place. But if you have the determination and do not take the appropriate opportunity, then you will not go to the other level. You must be determined in every opportunity you see through which you will achieve your goal. Do not leave it because there are many opportunities in front of you, but each opportunity has another opinion. Either you get something or nothing.
  13. On what I read recently, it seems that PayPal is trying to include digital currencies on its side and provide the process of transferring between digital currencies. And the percentage of her profit has increased some if she starts announcing this news. But if she stays at the same level, any exchange between coins from one account to another, then she will not hear news from her after years. But now the necessary measures are being taken to withstand in the arena.
  14. For every ambition he works to achieve. Either he becomes rich or becomes knowledgeable in this field. Everyone you find wants to exchange a whole effort in changing his life. The forum is not just for getting money. But to benefit and the lesson. As we know here, anyone tries to give information to the other in order to benefit and at the same time correct previous ideas such as that these currencies are dangerous, that they are useless, and that they are considered a gift to the economy ... But the opposite thing is that you can achieve many of them.
  15. Learning from your mistakes helps you develop your skills. Also, taking advantage of others shows you some mistakes that you avoid making. The forum is filled with a lot of information and experiences that help you understand things. Learn strategies in investing and trading. Patience and learn from mistakes that lead you to what you aspire to faster than you expect.
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