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  1. @Delgboke @khaler @lonamatt These rules are for you and for me as well. Before investing on any project that I search for, I mean that. Follow some steps 1 The owner of the project 2 The investors in the project 3. The credibility of the project on the ground. If it is about cryptocurrencies, then they are often listed on the coinmarketcup website, which shows you all the information you need for risk. The last thing, if the conditions are met, do not invest beyond your capacity.
  2. I appreciate your effort with us. Through these clarifications, it may become clear to us how Satoshi deals with others and his features that will most likely be characterized by one of the definitions that you told us. Another thing is that Satoshi might be the name of a group that has one name and not a person. As long as we do not have his image, whoever tells everyone about him may be in order to distract the truth Yes, this is the name of the smallest part of Bitcoin and also the name of the originator of the coin.
  3. My friends, I hope you are well. The first step to success is to take a risk. Why is it useful in it first. Here the risk does not mean that you are capable or that you are invincible, and what some say. You know that every experience that comes as a light is an experience. The risk is like this whenever you enter risks in trading or any deal or anything in your life the more you gain the ability to avoid problems that hinder your move. This is what the author of the post was asking. And I tell you this because you are the majority of those who read his comment. I saw that he does not want to risk how he stays more steadfast.
  4. Hello my friends. I once wrote more than one comment in one of my posts. You can write as many as you want, provided that it is not in succession, and also you will get profit through your comment first, unless you get liked for it.
  5. Blockchain has entered the field of mathematics, and there are now several platforms that are interested in this field. Also, art in terms of paintings, songs and other literature. It seems to me a good step. Most of the teams are suffering from a crisis, and as we can see, I have had excellent results during the few months.
  6. Success or achieving one of your life goals does not come that easy, but work smartly as well. Always insist smartly in my comments, meaning that you do not know and change your effort in the air. Rather, relax and find a new way in your field. Because if you move away, your concepts will change and the way you work will change, and you will not get hold of either from here or from there. Diversifying your areas is not a nominal goal, but you may do anything to make a profit. Note cryptocurrencies, so far, there is safety in investing in them. There will arrive a time, you will find yourself being watched from every side, and there are also restrictions.
  7. Я имел в виду отношения между вами и другими банками, которые должны быть вычтены из вас, помимо того, что вы очень опаздываете. Теперь это не требует много времени и даже небольшой процент списывается.
  8. Bitcoin has not caught up with that uproar. Ajil invested is on the rise, but its path will deviate, because investors must sell their shares in order to obtain their capital with profits, and also the decline is a correction. Day and night from $ 52,000 to $ 56,000
  9. @Malik Abi Read the rules first. You have one and multiple missions at the same time. Write posts either as a comment or a post. The post does not go outside the framework of the cryptocurrency world in general, and the post must exceed 100 characters.
  10. All are good platforms and occupies first positions in coinmarketcap blog in terms of trades and tools that you will need there binance if you want the best conversion between these platforms is better yobit, you do not need to achieve an identity or increase.
  11. If this is your first year with knowledge of cryptocurrencies, I tell you that you have not reached the first hurdle yet. I mean by that experience behind experiences you will find yourself still far from the truth of the matter. I also all that I learned all that you discovered yourself that you still do not know anything. The field every time it renews, or let's say it develops and emerges new concepts and new tasks.
  12. It is a lesson to everyone, no one here has invested and succeeded in not being possessed by greed. One of the things that you will not escape from in the beginning of your investment, I also lost in the same year. But this is when you feel it and you will understand how to treat your investment.
  13. It does not happen in any way. I advise you to write posts as well, because you will achieve high ratings and you in turn will gain the skill of writing. This will help you communicate the idea every time.
  14. Это противоречие до сих пор болит в моей голове. Однажды они борются с криптовалютами из-за распространения, и однажды они лицензируют некоторые активы, потому что это в их пользу. Эта конкурентоспособность происходит только потому, что они проиграли войну в гонке за первую страну, создавшую криптовалюту. Лицензирование этих технологических устройств поможет решить некоторые проблемы. Возможно, он получит лицензию на создание горнодобывающих предприятий, также полагаясь на оборудование.
  15. Согласно тому, что я читал раньше с другом на форуме. Что касается решения правительства относительно криптовалют, оно предприняло лишь некоторые меры, которые не вызовут ухудшения экономики страны. Потому что на данный момент им нужны способы улучшить его, а не возвращаться назад.Кроме того, они строго не запрещают торговлю или операции с криптовалютами, а только пытаются начать создание специальной платформы блокчейна для одного из своих проектов. Вот что может помочь. Кроме того, согласно другой статье на форуме, там говорится, что будет создана специальная местная валюта, и им нужно направить граждан к источникам во внутренних помещениях, прежде чем я потеряю контроль над всеми.
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