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  1. Ofcourse i choice bitcoin..because after a long this me later i have gain enough knowledge about bitcoin...i can do trade on bitcoin when it price low and selk it when it price high thus i get lot f profit... For this reason i choice bit coin
  2. Yes you are right brother... A lot of country banned bitcoin because of bitcoin is illegal coin. There has a Chance to do bad work by the scammer with bitcoin. So the govt said it is a illegal coin and banned it❤❤
  3. Not only in a country but in this world most of the country declared bitcoin is a illegal coin...because many scammer can do bad work by bitcoin in internet ....for this reason bitcoin is illegal in many country. In my country too
  4. Yes you are right..crypto talk is a great forum to earn money...you can easily earn money here hust by type everyday.. For that you need lil bit knowledge about crypto currency...thus you will able to ans all the topic here..so enjoy this forum❤❤❤
  5. Per day mean 1 day and this time count by the time of Russia time because this forum come fro russia..you have to do 30 post as Russia time of one day..you cant post as your country time...so convert your time to Russia time❤❤❤
  6. Without any doubt ofcourse bitcoin is better...if you have knowledge about both coin then you will understand easily which is better..mostly like bitcoin because of it price...if you invest on bit coin you will get profit while ethereum stable coin so the profit always same❤❤❤❤❤
  7. Since i am in crypto my life is full of joy and happiness because of some reason..number one i can earn money easily from this site everyday just by submit 30 post..more over i can learn about crypto currency here that will be helpful for me in future too❤❤❤
  8. Ues brother if you want to start earning in onlime then i suggest you to use crypto talk forum because this is the great forum where you can easily earn money without face any problem..so come here and start earning money everyday for 30 post❤❤❤
  9. No brother.. You are not get banmed from here...the post didn't accepted by the authority because of your post are not related with the topic..i mean you cant give the right ans...so keep work and write down good comment❤❤❤
  10. As you are a newbie i wanna suggest you to follow the beginner section because there you will easily understand this forum rule and how to work here...by the way my advice to you,dont copy or paste here...reason is you will be banned from here instantly❤❤
  11. Coin market cap is the place where all the crypto currency control by the authority.. They convert this currency to fiar currency..its the main center of crypto currency which has power to hold crypto currency..that is all what i know❤❤
  12. Dont do joke with investment brother..because invest in wrong organization make you cry easily so if you are newbie learn first how to invest..dont be emotional in trade because its harmful...follow the senior one..it will help you❤❤❤
  13. Country doesn't matter in investment brother..it dependent in which place i mean organization you wanna invest..if those organization is good then you are going to get benefit but if thoss organization bad then you are losing your money..so be careful of it and work on it❤❤❤
  14. Nothong os hard brother..you just need to learn about crypto cutrency and trade system.. Dont just work here for earn money but also for gain knowledge about crypto currency...you can easily convert your bitcoin to ethereum in yobit in the trade option..just try out❤❤❤
  15. Its quite easy bro..just go to your yobit account..then go to yobit trade option and there you will see ethereum coin..just click on it and buy as much as you want brother...be careful when you are going to do that.. Thank you ❤❤❤
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