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Found 5 results

  1. Хочу разобрать такую тему, как игры на телефон, платящие криптовалюту. Игры действительно платят, но в основном мало. Нужно достичь определённого уровня, чтобы получить вознаграждение в виде криптовалюты. Есть клоны игр Flappy Bird или Candy Crush Saga. Клоны этих приложений называются Bitcoin Flapper и Bitcoin Crush. Если игрок занимает призовое место в турнирах, то за его мастерство ему дают крипту. Также в игре можно делать ставки и играть с другими пользователями на денежный интерес. Ссылки на скачивание игр:
  2. Игры с криптой делятся на два типа: депозитные и бездепозитные. Депозитные игры с криптой можно назвать также и АЗАРТНЫМИ. А как мы знаем азарт к добру не доводит, и в принципе такие депозитные азартные в основном строятся по типу "содрать больше денег". Бездепозитные игры - игры с небольшим пассивным доходом. Во время игры вам капает криптовалют в небольшой сумме. Игры на блокчейне: AGE OF RUST Blankos Block Party Crypto Space Commander Crypto Wars
  3. I've been playing Dota since the Dota 1 days, got into Dota 2 since the beta stage… but I could never really play it regularly. That meant I'd have to take a few months off and then get back to the game, play for a month or two and then repeat. This translates into difficulties with new items and heroes, and the ever so changing game suddenly gives you a sense of lack of skill. So yes, for me, Dota plus is perfect. However, item builds and hero choices aside… the biggest advantage it offers is the ranked roles mode which will pretty much help anyone go from herald to post archon in no time. Beyond the archon stage, it's advantages start slimming down but it does bring a lot of interesting features like tips, hero levels, shards, free weekend battle passes etc. So if you really enjoy the game, it will definitely increase the enjoyment. Does it somehow make you a better player ? No. Will it give you an unfair advantage? No. Apart from the ranked roles mode and weekend battle passes, it doesn't offer anything that you cannot learn or do without it. I've never been a fan of cosmetics so no comments on that. Let me know what you think.
  4. Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry Creator Ubisoft Will Become Block Producer For Ultra’s Blockchain Gaming Blockchain applications in the gaming industry have proven to be the most practical so far. Just recently, Ubisoft partnered with Ultra, a blockchain-oriented gaming platform. The move marks a major milestone for blockchain integration given Ubisoft’s prominence in the traditional gaming space. What do you think of this incursion of gaming in the world of bitcoin, good or bad news
  5. I know there's lot of people out there making money on online games, farming their butts out to get items in-game and then selling them for real cash. As far as I know, one of the most known for this practice -at least here- is Runescape old school. Let's talk about this! NOTE: Do not include gambling games, like poker, black jack, dices, etc.
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