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  1. Well said there are plenty of website which pretending to be give double your coin or double your cryptocurrency in just 3 days they are all scam they don't have any experience in this matter
  2. First of all I will recommend you never invest your money if you don't have any knowledge in cryptocurrency just collect free faucet airdrop bounties and work on this forum
  3. As far as I know this platform is for limited time because more and more people joined it then it will be very difficult for yobit to give them money
  4. Absolutely correct trading is profitable for me because I know that when to enter in the market when to exit from the market when to do long when to do short
  5. You can directly buy Bitcoin by using credit card,debit card,neteller,Skrill,PayPal etc.always use localbitcoin or coinbase because they are legit website
  6. There are plenty of cryptocurrency exchange which allows you to collect faucet,airdrop,bounties etc.but free coin are absolutely worthless because they will give you just pennies
  7. That's a good idea there are a lots of people out there who want to invest some money In mining but they don't have any idea this will help them
  8. Houbi is a good exchange I am using it since last 2 years it has amazing features they are providing world class facility to it's users
  9. As far as I know that investbox which gives you 1% or 2% daily for your investment and your investment amount also increase if the price of cryptocurrency rises
  10. I am using idax exchange since last 2 years but I never faced these types of problem it may be that you made some mistake
  11. Nowadays Evey exchange is supporting above payment method but the sad reality is that they require kyc to prevent from anti money laundering
  12. I think it is absolutely impossible because we need a medium where we can trade but if there no things like exchange exist then how we can trade
  13. There are many cryptocurrency exchange out there but my favorite is binance because it provides many features which does not provide any exchange
  14. As far as I know they does not require kyc for deposit and withdraw under 2 Bitcoin but if you want to withdraw more than 2 Bitcoin you have to complete kyc without it you can't withdraw
  15. As far as I know there is no yobit credit card because they are not officially announced yet if there will be a option like this we will be announced
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