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  1. Now bitcoin almost 30% down from last 24 hour .I think this is a record fall for bitcoin and still not so sure why . I khow many people think Corona maybe the reason , But I don't understand how can Corona be the reason ? I mean crypto is virtual currency.
  2. Its possible . But if you are careful enough like add 2nd step verification to access your account than its not gonna happen .But there is also a chance that exchanger can be hacked . So , try not to leave your fund into an exchanger . It could be very risky.
  3. Yes it can . But it's really hard to cross bitcoin as bitcoin is the leader of all coins and tokens .Even now alts coin follow bitcoin in market . So its hard to cross bitcoin . But eth gonna do good job in long run.
  4. No I don't think there are any limitation or any minimum requirement to withdraw as it works fine for me .Try to contract the support if this problem has not solved yet.
  5. I do . I really love cryptotalk very much . As here we can earn a good amount of money while we are sharing our knowledge with others.
  6. Bitcoin is my dream as it is the most secured thing in the world . Blockchain technology is really amazing . And after bitcoin goes up again its gonna be every ones dream. ha ha
  7. As I know bitmex currently not asking for Kc verification. Kyc is not required to trade on bitmex. But I think they gonna add kyc near future .
  8. If you want to invest than do it your own don't listen to anyone , Yes you can take advice but do your own research and than if you thik its worth investment than do it.
  9. I prefer crypto trading . Because in crypto trading we can earn really big amount of money . Crypto trading is little risky than forex trading but this risk can be minimize by experience .
  10. If your country taking a huge amount as a taxe than I can imagine how hard it could be for you . But that is something you must do.
  11. Cryptotalk is great and yes its giving us free money but this is not something that can replace anyone's jobs . Its very risky . But we can take this part time job not full time
  12. This is very common mistake everyone does. And in result their all crypto got stuck in a wallet . This is really bad actually . So we should get out if we do have a good chance .
  13. It would be a lie if I say no. I am really like and very much addicted to crypto trading . And I can't stop me to check market. And in office it happend many times .
  14. If the maket goes down than there is a big possibility it go back right away but if not I guess its gonna be a huge dump . And I think its better to avoid that if you have a option.
  15. Yobit investment is really on hype in this time . Everyone is talking about it and also earning a passive income with some of free money .
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