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  1. Thanks a lot for this information. Previously, I heard of Yobit investbox but didn't know what it meant. Now that you've mentioned it, I took a close look and saw that it's actually possible. Thanks!
  2. Well the main difference is that you can trade and withdraw your money on telegram itself. You don't have to go to Yobit website. You can trade and chat on telegram alongside.
  3. I feel hurt when I lose money in day trade so I try not to sell until it is absolutely necessary. Of course buying a coin and holding it for months to sell later yields profit, with less risk. I'm planning to do both to verify which method gives the most profit.
  4. I can not wait for Libra to launch. The coin is set to work with credit & debit cards and banks as well. I'm sure the top banks of the world would accept it. Then people will start using crypto.
  5. USDT has high transfer fees — $30 — in some exchanges. This means it will not readily overtake USD. Although it is good for preventing depreciation of coins anytime bitcoin falls.
  6. There is nothing that can be done about market whales. They are present, even in established forex markets and can dictate the price. I suspect the current BTC dumping was started by a whale.
  7. Each time I send crypto and it takes hours to confirm, I sit there wondering how crypto will overcome fiat which takes seconds. I don't what developers can do to work around this issue.
  8. It doesn't hurt to put in a little, say $50. Just because Venezuela is in crisis now, does not mean it will not get out of crisis someday. By then the coin would have increased in value.
  9. Even with crypto, money can be stolen. What makes crypto currency unique is the fact that it is not dependent on any government so there is some measure of privacy.
  10. I'm not sure I am willing to trust an exchange with all my savings. Sure, I may keep some money in the exchange to yeild interest but not all my money.
  11. Of course, this is just the beginning of price increment. You can actually do both i.e, have a small portion for short term trading AND a large portion for long term trading.
  12. Tether is popular because it is the first stable coin and it has been around for a long time. There are other stable coins e.g USDC, Gemini dollar and others but they are new into the scene.
  13. Crypto currency will reduce the cost of cross-border transfers. It will generate jobs for miners and improve transparency as money laundering will be easy to detect.
  14. Poverty can be reduced but not totally removed from this world we live in. This is simply because people think differently and circumstances affect us all. When governments accept crypto, poor people will also use crypto because it will be a general means of exchange.
  15. No matter how much a trader says he will not trade based on emotions, there will still be traces of emotion when making trading decisions. One should just try to make emotions as minimal as possible.
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