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    Yobit wallet

    Yobit is a wallet is YOBIT exchange wallet,duh! It is used to store your crypto currency ,it also has benefits for its users to earn crypto through thier wallet (investbox, freecoins, YOpony) and many more. It is a trusted wallet+exchange and very secure and fast in transactions,transfers.
  2. Yes, I agree and you're right ... Everybody should read this topic and understand what really causes our post getting deleted everyday, like he said due to many similar topic over and over again being posted by different members. Please search on the search box for similar topic before you actually post it in the forum. This Post deserve a good reaction. 👍
  3. I have heard of it somewhere "Namecoin" is the first alt coin introduced in the crypto world .. the only alternative coin of Bitcoin. I guess it's 2009 or like you said 2011.. but its main purpose was to improve the internet security and safety. Through untraceable transaction and anonymous nature of the coin itself
  4. What a coincidence my friend, I signed up on publishOX myself . And I said the same thing that I am a member of Cryptotalk and have excellent reputation. They approved me within 30minutes ,to become an author on thier website. Cryptotalk really showing its strength and power on other websites.
  5. No doubt that every member of this forum has had some rough time in this forum in terms of posts getting deleted, warning points, having trouble coming up with an idea to post something. But many of the members never gave up ,I still have 20 deleted posts to write before I get back on the payments, most members like me struggle with posts getting deleted . Overall self trust and hard work is the main key to become successful in this forum. This forum makes you better in terms of knowledge, patience, strong will.
  6. Recently, due to the lockdown pandemic in India.There was a huge traffic on a porn website called "PornHub" all from India. Giving the porn website a huge boost. And the website is actually considering to introduce crypto currency to thier system.
  7. Many people posts are deleted everyday either for repeated postings(spam) or off-topic and low quality post. Make sure you analyse the topic ,understand well and reply the topic with a meaningful post related to the topic.
  8. Its not only you ,my friend... The same thing happened to me... i have to post another 23 posts to get back on track. I was surprised to see 20+posts being deleted. It de-motivates us,as humans we need thinking and time to write posts . Unlike bots that are all programmed to complete work in a specific time. Now it will take me 2-3 days to get paid for my post again.
  9. Sounds amazing I will give it a try through your referral link,hope all goes well and I earn profits through this stake wallet.
  10. My bad experience are with investment website(HYIP) Lost hundreds of dollars worth of bitcoins on HYIP websites . And still struggling to cover up my losses it may take another 2 years at this pace.. the only source of my earning is through this forum at the moment. And the numbers of posts getting deleted every day,delays my progress.
  11. Can't have a say on new coins, many new coins are being introduced everyday ..some of them listed on exchange. But most of the new coins are scam . A new scam that lure people to deposit in return of earning high tokens .
  12. Any ICO that asks for deposit in exchange of high tokens or coins, is straight up a Scam... They stay active until they have enough deposits and earned huge amounts from the deposits , that's when the scam begins ,shutting down telegram channels, websites, and we receive tokens which have no value.. and which are not swap to main tokens.
  13. It means the admins and moderators are the only ones that can lock or unlock posts , for reviewing and clarifying posts for spams, off-topic ,low quality posts and so on. I don't feel the need for members to lock and unlock thier own posts.
  14. Buying Bitcoin when market price is low ,it is good decision for people who want to make profit out of it by holding them and wait for the price to rise, holding is more profitable than trading..
  15. You can exchange your BTC to USD, or XRP.. for USD,the withdrawal is in Perfectmoney, PAYEER, and other methods and the fee is only 0.02$ . If you want it in crypto currency you can Exchange with XRP and later trade it back to BTC on your personal wallet. Xrp fee is only 0.5XRP
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