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  1. No it not rise in 2020 people or rumors spreading news it will touch $50k in december 2020 but i think its not possible that too fast it reach this mile stone it will take time and in future might be go that price
  2. Can you please explain it how and which way you earn these doge coins please tell me what we need to do for earning waiting your answer please tell me thank you
  3. There are no best strategies in crypto only best thing is that invest wisley mean only invest that amount which you afford and hold it for long mean if u have 100 bucks only invest 30 bucks
  4. Yes cryptoman its right I am also online almost 16 hours so this is best platform I see for learning about crypto we not only learn from here we can get some earning if we post or comments according rules of cryptotalk
  5. I don't know best profit from bitcoin I think only best way is buy which you afford for long time hold its one and only best way to gain profit from BTC otherwise no other way of have any one other method let me know
  6. Hello can you provide more information about this I am ready to willing to do this job I am avl 7 days for online almost 7-8 hours in a day any time I can manage it please share some information
  7. Your both by prediction are wrong I don't think btc came down in 5k too taugh or not going $50k in 2020 it will figure round about 12-15k next year may be cross last time high
  8. If u have $10,000 which coin u want to chose to invest that amount and why please tell me I only chose BTC ETH and BnB coin for potential return
  9. Which coin have lots of potential in 2019 gains my prediction is ETH and bitcoin cash whats about your views and opinions please share it
  10. Hello I think it's not possible can u please tell me any one there who earn lots of btc from gaming I think no one all lost there amount gambles never success so I advice you to not do gambling
  11. libra is facing some serious issue before launch but i am sure this libra coin may be changed the whole crypto market and banks to use of crypto
  12. Mining these days is not too much profitable electricity is too costly and not avl 24 hour if u have 10-15 mining machines and electricity is cheap fair then may be it's give you good gains
  13. I am new only don't know much info about e wallets I use Blockchain and coinbase only some of coins I kept or hold in my binance account there I get airdrop and monthly disturbation of coins
  14. Hello friend I am new I want to know about where and from which exchange I can buy crypto and alts with my bank cards with most safe and secure way as well with lowest fee thank you
  15. ProfitTaker

    Can I post?

    Which type of posts we can do can we post of coins buy and sale or not can here we share links of best crypto brokers or not any one can tell me who is senior here
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