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  1. I am not a good fan of predicting the prices of coins and tokens, but let me predict that Bitcoin will be upto $35,000 for each bitcoin. It may be more than, but it is what I believe most that the price will be.
  2. How exactly does this get paid for writing works? because I visited the website and I do not have a proper understanding of what is described there. have you earn from it? and can I cash out anytime I want or are there strict times?.
  3. The cryptocurrency is just like every other business out there, you don't expect an overnight wealth, whatever you work is what you will earn. There must be enough effort and dedication in your work to earn money in cryptocurrency.
  4. From this topic, this is not like I am doubting the Litecoin, But one thing is not by setting or assuming the price, there are many things to consider when it comes to coin price in the market. We should expect $500 first before we talk about $1,000.
  5. If the entire market of cryptocurrency rises, I believe it will affect all the cryptocurrencies, and if the market should fall, it will also affect all the cryptocurrencies. So the market situation will also help to determine if Monero will rise or fall.
  6. I am suppose to vote, but I decided not to vote because both projects have great future. Although in the current situation of both, Ripple looks more potential, but Stellar also have a great future, If we start to experience bull run now, we will see a better price.
  7. If we are to talk about Bitcoin, this would be easy to predict, but talking of Ethereum reaching $100,000, this would take mor than two decades for it to happen. Because the supply of Ethereum are very many, or maybe they destroy some of the coins.
  8. It depends on the amount of coins that are hacked, If there are large number, like the one that was done on Binance, if they are sold at the same time, it must surely affect Bitcoin price, because it will cause serious panic to investors.
  9. Can you please give a guide on how to get YODA to our Yobit Exchange account? at least step-by-step guide. Because it is actually getting difficult to get it. I have see the message, but the exact steps are not there, it only shows we should log into our account. Thanks.
  10. The speed of Bitcoin transaction is dependent on the network congestion and the fee used for the transaction, in some wallets like Blockchain wallet, it will show you the fees and time frame in which your transaction will be confirm.
  11. From the topic, this I see is very possible, besides when Bitcoin is jumping, it jumps very fast and high. There are times Bitcoin will add over $3000 to its price between 4 days, not talk more of a whole week. Anyway, let's see how it goes.
  12. From the topic, this is a nice one, but trust me, this is a dream that will never come to pass. The time for bitcoin to even fall as low as $1000 has past, now we should be thinking of maybe it can fall as low as $4000. but as for $2, it is a big dream that will not come to pass.
  13. Yobit has already set the rules for quality/meaningful posts. 1. The post must be inline with the topic of discussion and 2. The text of the posts must not be less than 100 characters without counting line spaces between words. If you meet these requirements, your post will be considered valid.
  14. From your topic, if the cryptocurrency can pay very well, then choosing it as a full time job will not be an option,besides what you need while working is money, and if cryptocurrency can pay me well, then I will chose it.
  15. I am suppose to vote on this topic, but it is unfortunate that I use any of them to do trading, depending on when and where. like in Binance, I mostly use the Mobile App for trading.
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