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  1. There are several ways you can ear crypto without buying it. when I started crypto, my first earning was some games which paid me with doge coins, now with Bounty, Airdrop, Games etc., you can earn crypto without investing any money.
  2. The difference between Ethereum and Ether is simple, Ether is the abbreviation of Ethereum that still mean the samea thing, also never misunderstand ETH as the abbreviation, because the ETH is the symbol.
  3. I want to say that there is no way to reverse Bitcoin transaction, whether it is in 0 confirmation, the reason is that before you can put all necessary measure together, the transaction should have been confirmed.
  4. As it stands now, none of them is my favorite, I even prefer trading to either of the options you mentioned in your post. So I will suggest that trading will be more profitable in 2020. that's my opinion anyway.
  5. My answer to your topic question is, it depends on the coin you are holding, if you are holding a coin you believe has great potentials, then there is no need to sell for now, but if you have a coin with no seasonal future, you can sell if off so you can buy other valuable coin with the money.
  6. In as much as I am concern, I know that Cryptocurrency has come to stay, so I don't even plan to leave it, rather I plan to utilize more of the opportunity of being part of the cryprocurrency ecosystem. also to invest more on it.
  7. Responding to your topic. I think there is no way you can earn $5 in this forum at the current price of Bitcoin,because you are only receiving reward for 30 posts in which each post is 1000 satoshi, making it 30,000satoshi. let's say around $2.5
  8. This is a good development, when more institutions began to bring in Block chain into their schools, it means the crypto space have some greater hopes in the near future. and more adoption of this amazing technology.
  9. Hi thanks for sharing, but I think it would have be better when sharing information like this, you give little details on how the platform works, rather than just post your referral link and live everyone in a guessing mode.
  10. From the question on the topic, I want to ask too, who said Bitcoin has not been manipulated by some big whales and even some exchanges? Almost all the coins are manipulated by some group of persons just for their personal interest.
  11. Honestly fake Binance channels are every where, mostly on telegram, I see new channels being created daily and whenever I remove myself from the channels, they add me back to them. The worse part is that some people are really falling victim to those scammers.
  12. From the topic I will say it depends on the type of coin you want to trade and also the type of coin you are holding, there are some coins you will hold and earn high return after sometime, while some day-trading give you high return too.
  13. I will only talk about myself, I do day-trading and its profitable to me, although I have to trade some selected coins after studying their pump and dump time, which better my understanding on how to trade them.
  14. My own picks of coins that have great future are; 1. Bitcoin (the father of all cryptocurrenies) 2. Ethereum (which I call the mother of all cryptocurrencies) 3. Waves 4. Binance coin 5. Litecoin. These are my pick.
  15. In my own view here is that Binance has built its trust, one of the ways they did is by keeping to their words, imagine when they say, they want to burn some tokens at a given time, no matter what time it is, and how high the price of their coin is, they will go ahead to burn them just to keep to their words.
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