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Found 10 results

  1. Советую присмотреться к Dego Financе, проект очень перспективный. Кому интересно ( ) , отвечу на все вопросы. ы.
  2. Hi friends! Good day to you all. Today I am coming up with this topic to express my feelings and share some advice on what is going on within the forum from some members. It really sad when we received warning points, or get indefinite banned after been reported in the about forum section from some of your collegues. Some users are really reported for some certain reasons like: 1. PLAGIARISM: Copying of another person's ideas, text or other creative work, and presenting it as one's own, especially without permission; plagiarizing. Even if it's not illegal, plagiarism is usually frowned upon. Copy from one, it's plagiarism. Copy from two, it's research. Right in this forum Plagiarizing posts of other members to form your own post instead of learning to create it yourself is Plagiarism. Note: Creating posts are very easy you don't have to get yourself worried in creating your posts. All you need is to read carefully the topic of the post try to grab something and say your opinion. If you don't understand it try to create post of asking some part you don't understand or learn from other replies to create your own posts/topics. Copying from others contents directly or by changing words will lead to banned try to avoid that try to be a good user. Me and you are equal we receive same payments then why violating the rules. If you are reported for this reason of course you are guilty and everyone has right to report for this in this section via this link 👇 Plagiarism is prohibited take note 🙏. Don't report of any useless post in this section it is only meant for sharing plagiarized contents. To report of a useless Contents you can use the report icon to report that post. That is the report icon I pointed In the image below👇. 2. SPAMMING: Spamming the forum is also prohibited this can also gives you warning points and you will be reported by a collegue in the forum if you are caught spamming the forum. Note spamming the forum is the act of posting a post or topic that was irrelevant to what the post is discussing or out of topic(O.P). You can also click the report Icon to report or Pm(send private massage)to any of the moderators for quick action. 3. STUFFING POSTS: We really report members in found creating stuffing post. Stuffing post are bunch of useless Contents written completely in a row of one page or half a page of a topic. Were by this posts are O.P(out of topic/point). Everyone can also report such users if caught in the forum or Pm any of the moderators for quick action. The report icon can also help you send report of this users. 4. SYSTEMATIC VIOLATION: This also leads to receive of banned account or receive many warning points. If same mistake continues this can lead to indefinte banned. This can be done by the moderators and also some users will be there to report such activities if caught severally. 5. MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS: This lead to banning users can report such users creating multiple accounts because it goes against the forum rules. If a user suspect you using multiple accounts definitely he can report to the moderators for further investigation through PM. I will use this medium to show my appreciation 🙏 to some of this users that contributes with great effort to see this forum clean and to our great moderators that are always busy to considered our report. @Whited35 @Babubu609 @Babubu609 @rekter. There are some users of which I know that send report privately to show their contribution we all thank you for that @Honny143 and some collegues...🙏 You can be like them. Don't wait to send reporting or Pm the Moderators or this contributors they will forward your report immediately when you caught any one spamming the forum. Dear forum friends we all love you and that is the reason we always correct you so that you changed for the best. Don't be affraid we are all the same don't abuse the reporters because you are also a reporter think wise and change to leave long even though I made such offense the forum will purnished everyone justifically no matter how many numbers of post , reputations you have or rank. Be warnned don't use this medium to show hatred by sharing them negative reputations because the moderators are looking at all activities manually be noted.💓👌 YOU ARE WELCOME ONCE AGAIN YO CRYPTOTALK.
  3. 🙃Прочитайте книгу «один хороший трейд» много интересного подчеркнёшь или «малая энциклопедия трейдера» там все базовые знания есть ) знаю немало людей кому эта книжка помогла. 😉просто в это сфере очень сильно потеть надо, впрочем как и везде и всегда чтоб заработать)😐 ВСЕМ УДАЧИ!
  4. It's a chance to win a free nft MOBOX universe has entered Binance and gives away for free its boxes with NFT, which on the marketplace now cost from $ 60 to $ 15,000 This drop will last 6 days, distribute 5000 boxes. A random NFT will fall out in boxing. The higher the NFT class, the more money it will bring you. The system is a lottery. You should not miss such generosity.💸💸💸 In the video showed everything you need to do to get 1. Open the Binance app, pull the screen down and select Mobox Games 2. Login 3. Click Forward and get Avatar 4. Click Tickets 5. Specify the ID - 16246121 Done ✅ It will be possible to sell the NFT on the MOBOX marketplace itself💰
  5. Коротко о аирдропе: За две минуты простых действий можно через месяц получить $2 в токенах MOK и 0.5$ за друга. Аирдроп очень горячий и может закончиться уже сегодня. Проект ведёт баунти на Bitcointalk и токен уже торгуется, поэтому с выплатами проблем быть не должно. Количество участников ограничено 10000. Cсылка для выполнения: КЛИК Требования: Telegram(вступить в две группы), Twitter(подписка+ретвит), Facebook(подписка+лайк+репост), BSC кошелёк+почта Если нет кошелька можно завести, воспользовавшись данной инструкцией:Как-настроить-и-использовать-Trust-Wallet-для-Binance-Smart-Chain Подробнее о проекте: Чистая ссылка: КЛИК
  6. We don't give up for just failing at our first attempt. This was very difficult for us to get attempt into it. We need to know that for every success there must be difficulties, for every difficult to be successful there must be a lot of patient. Our first mistake is a lesson to learn from it. This encourage us to give more effort to do the more of it. Anything at starting isn't easy because you lack the knowledge to become perfect you need to keep learning gradually this keep increasing your knowledge gradually to an extent you reach your goal. Only the lazy ones find it difficult to continue instead they give up. For the wise one he give it a chance and get motivated to move forward by proceeding to learn to succeed. Anything good never comes easy. Every thing has to do with knowledge either good or bad. My Friend don't give up the beginning is always the hardest. D͌O͌N͌'T͌ G͌I͌V͌E͌ U͌P͌ T͌H͌E͌ B͌E͌G͌I͌N͌N͌I͌N͌G͌ I͌S͌ A͌L͌W͌A͌Y͌S͌ T͌H͌E͌ H͌A͌R͌D͌E͌S͌T͌
  7. Hi all Cryptotalk members! This is first method that I used to earn crypto, and I still use it daily, apart from this forum. This is with the coinpot faucets which provide me with a great income in crypto daily! is a microwallet for Bitcoins, Dogecoins, Litecoins, Dash and Mooncash. All of your earnings will be transferred to you coinpot micro-wallet, and from there it can be withdrawn easily to your wallet. The minimum withdrawals are very low, and you can withdraw with no withdrawal fees when you are withdrawing to your wallet. Also, the best part is that for each claim you make on any of their faucets, you get 3 coinpot tokens! You can exchange this for any cryptocurrency that you want! Teh conversion rate depends on the exchange rate of that crypto at the time, but generally for every 3 tokens you get 3 to 5 satoshi. This is amazing, as it means that if you claim from all 7 faucets every five minutes, that is an extra 21 to 35 satoshi every 5 minutes. Apart from the claims you will be making!! It's a great opportunity. Also you earn stars for achieving missions. One star rewards you with 100 tokens. And there is various tasks you can do to earn these stars! The person with the most start at the end of each month will be rewarded with 10 million coins, which is the equivalent of 0.1 BTC at least!! Join and start earnign now! You can join with the following steps: Step 1: Registration Register an account at coinpot with the following link: Link: All you need to register is a valid email address that you have access to so that you can validate you email address and confirm your withdrawals. Also, when you log in, it will ask you to validate the IP address, just to make sure that no one else can access your account. Step 2: Start earning crypto There are a total of seven faucets that you can claim from directly to coinpot, and their claim rates are pretty good. I will list all the faucets below, their links and the benefits of each one. The first 5 faucets are moon faucets, and they all have the same benefits, which are: Each faucet allows you to claim every five minutes, but you can claim anytime you want. If you miss five minutes, and only come back in ten minutes, don't worry. Your satoshi will accumulate in that time and rise on its own. You get a daily loyalty bonus which is added to every claim. If you claim for 100 days straight, everyday at least once a day, this will mean that your loyalty bonus will be 100% and you will start getting double your claim each time you claim! Amazing! Mystery bonuses are also given on each claim. This is some random value given between 1% and 100%, that you just get to add on to your claim. This happens for every claim! Lastly you get a referral bonus. For every referral that you have you get an additional 1%, so for 100 referrals you will have 100% referral bonus. All of these benefits mean that you have the potential to earn a 300% bonus on all your claims, meaning your claims will be times the amount you claim every five minutes! How great is that! Please sign up to the faucets using my referral link, and inbox me when you sign up with my referral link. This way I know who has used my referral link. And every week I give away 20,000 satoshi to one of my active referrals. Just like that. Every week. So sign up with my referral link and you can be earning 20,000 satoshi every week, just by claiming from coinpot! That simple. I will inbox you and ask for your BTC address and deposit it. I have a program that selects a referral at random, so the choice is completely random. I assure you. So here are the moon faucets: (To use any of these faucets, just enter the email address that you used to sign up to and it will be automatically linked) 1. Link: 2. Link: 3. Link: 4. Link: 5. Link: There are two more faucets that you can use on coinpot. These are: 6. Bitfun Link: Here you can claim every three minutes, and it also has games and a dice game that you can use to multiply your earnings fast! The dice game is a bit risky, but your earnings from here are solid. Just like the moon faucets. So keep claiming from here and you will be earning lots of crypto in no time. They also have an offer-wall if you are interested in earning extra from surveys, ptc ads and so on. 7. BonusBitcoin Link: Here you claim every 15 minutes and can earn a random amount of satoshi up to 5000 satoshi for each claim. At 15 minutes between each claim, the odds are stacked in your favor. And another surprise is that every day you get a 5% bonus of your earnings over the last 72 hours! This will be added to your coinpot account automatically every morning. So this is coinpot. I hope I have made a useful post to you guys and I encourage you to join and earn. Please use my Ref link if you are joining and you could win 20,000 satoshi per week just for being one of my referrals. I will most likely send you 20,000 satoshi directly into your coinpot account so that there is no fee to withdraw from. Just inbox me that you joined from my ref link and i will add you to the list. Every week, I randomly generate one person from the list and inbox them for their wallet, and you will have the funds in your account within a couple days. All the best crypto earners, and I hope to see you in Good luck. Let's earn crypto together. P.S: This is proof of payment from my account on on the last two payments I have made.
  8. On the 30th of June 20202, a Russian court diverted down a solicitation from a victim of a 100 Bitcoin robbery looking for compensation, with the court contending that digital forms of money have no legitimate status. The court says that bitcoin, as a digital currency, does not enjoy the same property protection as other assets. The case returns to 2018, when the two men imitating Federal Security Service (FSB) specialists and their associates seized the person in question and constrained him into giving them 5 million rubles or $90,000 in real money and 99.7 BTC — worth about $900,000 at that point. The criminals were condemned to eight-and ten-year jail sentences. The casualty may in any case attempt his case in a civil court. Despite any future legitimate procedures, this court choice is wonderful — basically, it proclaimed that Bitcoin burglary isn't a wrongdoing.
  9. An ongoing article has demonstrated that more than 100 vehicle sales centers in the UK currently acknowledge digital money as a methods for installment for a vehicle. This is because of an association that has been framed between these businesses and a London Digital money stage. The acquisition of vehicles with digital money is done through an online stage that is named AutoCoinCars, which at that point fills in as a promoting webpage for those that desire to sell their vehicles and acknowledge crypto, along these lines giving a manner by which they can just objective crypto clients. This was established in 2019 and inside a year had the option to sign half of the UK vehicle sales centers, truly indicating exactly how huge the crypto business is and how quick it is developing. Actually I believe that these sort of organizations will truly push the utilization of cryptographic forms of money and increment its utilization all inclusive, and ideally there are a lot more merchants that follow in these strides so as to begin tolerating crypto later on in different nations and in other monetary parts.
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