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  1. Well, I am a Forex trader for last seven years. Now I am realizing that I have wasted a lot of time not to trust in Cryptocurrencies. But Still I am not so late. Still I believe it is good time for make profits in Cryptocurrencies.
  2. Well, That's pretty motivating story. I hope it can change our lives too. I am trying my best to do great job. I have also started to trade in Yobit. and I have one day will get me what I want.
  3. Yes, True happened with me one or two times. But I guess that was because of the net speed. Sometimes I had a worse net speed. So, I was thinking the page is not fully loaded.
  4. No, One knows the exact answer to your Question. But I will tell you as per my knowledge about the technical analysis. I strongly believe that the BTC price should return from for 15k and then 20k. as this level is very strong support.
  5. Well, Thank you for the informative post. After reading you post now I know how to use the signature option for my post. Is there is any restriction for the content in the signature section.
  6. Well, This is an interesting question. I would like to read more replies from members. For Crypto is a passive income for me. I doing job, Forex trading and also earning from Cryptos.
  7. Well, If you want to have a 100$ month you can start forex trading. But that you will to learn it first and then apply to real money. you can make a handsome amount.
  8. Well, I was aware of Cryptocurrencies from few years. but I started to invest in when the BTC fall back from 20k to 3000$ in anticipation of the 20000 again. I don't when the dream will come true.
  9. Well, don't be very fast in these things. Make your investments with care. Try not to put your all eggs in one basket. Make an equal portions and invest it in different ways.
  10. Well, I am afraid I can't be agree with you on this. There is no way that you can get rich in one night. It take a lot of efforts time and energy to become a rich man. By the way if you find a treasure that something else 😉.
  11. Well, I am Sorry. It's just happened by mistake.
  12. Well, I like the YODA Dollar. First as it's Yobit own currency. which will attract the Yobit user to invest in it. The YODA will have a great future soon.
  13. Well, No one including me care to share something interesting. Every body sharing same thing again and again. I am agree with you it's boring.
  14. Well, First I was enjoying to make my post and then I got a warning point because I shared a referral link in a topic. After that, I prefer to just reply other's topics.
  15. Every one has their own choice. But for me the I like it and using it from last few years. I the only problem I have, that they have a little more network fee than others.
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