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  1. This is the secret most people are finding difficult to understand mate and I hope anyone reading this should learn something so that they can make effective corrections and move on.
  2. Copy and paste of other people's work is highly prohibited for that reason you shall be banned completely from the campaign by the administration so be on the positive side and create useful quality posts only.
  3. That is right my friend and since we can send each other a private message then I suggest make use of that procedures to correct each other especially the newbies who have less experience about cryptowold and the forum at large, we are not perfect.
  4. Yes we have to because just yesterday I also heard that XRP has been delisted in some top exchangers around cryptowold which is due to dumping it has been encountering according to source but I think there is another problem causing that delisting not only the value.
  5. This is indeed good source of income and with this I will advise anyone reading this conversation should kindly make sure they make good contributions towards creating helpful posts so as to get the chance of receiving good payment for therr work.
  6. Cryptowold is unique I have to confess because there are lot of opportunities of earning waiting for us but due to lack of proper knowledge is why I think we should focus more on learning from this forum so that we can enjoy later on, this forum also pay us well so we should make useful quality posts always to get full payment.
  7. Well said my friend but not all forum members are caring the way you are mate and I have to confess that you are unique among the members I have so far met in this forum because you are generous and many members will testify that, so keep on with your good work 🤝
  8. That is good for you, it is much better you acquire good knowledge and experience about the field before you start because that is what you will use to make the right decisions for good profit while working in the field.
  9. In that case we also have to be careful on the type of posts and topics we give positive ratings, we should always give ratings to well deserved members only since the moderators are watching our moves in the forum.
  10. If that is the case then what you said need to be done by investors or they should convert to other coins to reduce the risk of losing funds because due to this the coin might even go down more in terms of value.
  11. Well said mate you actually understand exactly the information I am trying to pass to the public, nothing good in this life we are comes easily and we need to fight hard as long as we want to achieve what we are chasing.
  12. Investing in low volume coins is not good just the way you said and it can easily lead someone to great lose and since there will be no one that will compensate you if you lose then we need to be extra careful on the ways we run our activities in cryptowold.
  13. Sure they will see your comments whenever they come online and I will advise you to always tag them whenever you are seeking for help especially the likes of @Moaz @Dorjoy12 and @Honny143
  14. Life never stop teaching us new things for that reason we also have to keep learning especially in this cryptowold where we keep seeing new things every day and since we have scammers around cryptowold we need to keep learning because they have many techniques they use to cheat less experience people.
  15. Well I don't have much ideas about these listed coins but I do here there names especially dogecoin, tron and bitcoincash. I will make more research about them since you also believe they ha e good potential of rising in the future, thanks ones again for your time.
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