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  1. Sí, es realmente muy complicado. Ahora pensando en ello, para entender bitcoin y cryptocurrencies, usted tiene que estudiar mucho, la gente normal no está muy acostumbrada a entender un nuevo sistema financiero, que es bueno, con sus muchos grandes beneficios los de la cadena de bloques. Y creo que la gente nunca estudiaría cosas como satoshi nakamoto. Creo que está realmente de ese lado para aprender correctamente y realmente.
  2. I am afraid that it is the only cryptocurrency in which I would not invest, first than to invest in that currency I would prefer to go directly to the normal dollar, gold or if not silver. Also there are many other much cooler cryptocurrencies out there and projects, so I would not invest in USDT.
  3. True, it is true that what you say. My belief is that in the next decade, cryptocurrencies will reach a lot of people in the population but even so I don't believe that everyone, as you say that only 5% of the population knows about cryptocurrencies, I believe that in 2030 it will be 60% But for this to be recognized and fully developed, it may take many years.
  4. If it is true, I totally agree with you friend, this yobit platform is very good, you even forgot to mention that the best benefit it has is that there is no KYC, it is wonderful.
  5. My friend, I think that all this cloud mining issue does not work, first that it is already proven that most of them are scams, although everything seems real, it is very likely that they are not. Also remember something that I always apply in these places and that is that if they offer you a lot of profitability it is possible that the risk is greater, this risk is that the company disappears.
  6. Me arriesgaría al máximo, no sé si tanto por el dinero, es más porque soy joven y en la vida para mí tengo que correr riesgos, arriesgar mucho ya que para mí, siendo joven es mucho más fácil conseguir dinero que ser viejo También son cosas que se pueden hacer cuando son jóvenes, pero estoy seguro de que cuando son viejos no se pueden hacer , así que creo que el riesgo realmente proviene de la personalidad de cada persona o incluso de sus creencias.
  7. The Dubai Ministry of Economic Development has announced the launch of the Unified Enterprise Blockchain Platform (UBRP), which aims to greatly facilitate the running of business in the UAE. This platform will facilitate the obtaining of various licenses and procedures for the start-up of companies. At this time several institutions are connected to the UBRP, and in the future more than 40 ministries and state organizations will join the platform. The local edition Saudi Gazette reports that UBRP is launched on the BaaS platform under the name Dubai Pulse, which is developed thanks to the efforts of Smart Dubai and the telecommunications company du. UBRP is part of a broader blockchain development strategy in the United Arab Emirates - Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021. Within this strategy, by 2021 already more than half of state transactions and operations must be transferred to blockchain.
  8. Paxful is an electronic marketplace with payment in Bitcoins, so it is not surprising that most of its customers are aware of digital currencies. It was reported that more than half of the respondents between the ages of 25 and 40 have already had a deal with cryptocurrencies and have invested in them. Where, Bitcoin became the most popular: 79% of respondents invested in the first cryptocurrency. Furthermore, Colombians also invest in Bytecoin (more than 5%) and Ethereum (less than 3%). Furthermore, research has shown that 59% of respondents are interested in cryptocurrencies and plan to improve their knowledge in this area. “The increase in the use of digital currencies is probably related to the fact that the young generations communicate closely with each other over the Internet. They are constantly looking for new opportunities, which allow them not only to have regular access to their assets, but also to give them the freedom to carry out transactions around the world” The researchers stressed.
  9. The central bank of Ireland granted the Coinbase company a license to operate with electronic money (electronic money). According to the CEO of the British office Zeeshan Feroz, the extension is necessary to provide services to residents of the EU and euro zone countries after Brexit. The company opened an office in Dublin in October 2018.
  10. Researchers have noted that stablecoin projects do not take into account the microstructure of the operation of the payment system. In stressful situations, such payment systems can be prohibited, leading to serious financial consequences. One more risk of such projects is negative inflation. Stable currencies must have a basket of fiat currencies and government bonds, although state currencies now show negative inflation. In addition, we observe trends that point to an easing of global monetary policy.
  11. True, when I discovered it I was surprised, it is the reason why I have yobit with the main cryptocurrency exchange place, I think it is very great that they can identify you, I even suppose that as it can be verified there is no need to pay taxes or nothing, sure everything is traded abroad.
  12. A successful method of protecting yourself is to limit your risk of exposure, never to place a large amount of funds in one position. Consider the speed at which a successful cryptocurrency trader buys and then sells, it happens in a matter of minutes, this is important information that you need to create an understanding and plan for. While this is easy to understand when you take a step back to review everything that is happening, crypto prices go up and down throughout the day, if you are slow to move you can potentially lose all your money, even cryptocurrencies. they are "guaranteed" to win. By limiting the size of your positions compared to the total funds invested, you can focus on the total number of positions you are buying and selling, rather than value. If the daily volume and volatility induce you to move, start trading. Learn to be patient and wait for proper operations.
  13. I already published in Cryptocurrencies but I think this is the best section; The question is which is the best safe and secure bitcoin wallet for privacy and anonymity. What option have you chosen? I have already tried Electrum and Bitcoin Core, which are the only offline wallet that offers a portable version that I need to use bitcoin. Bitcoin Core has the disadvantage of downloading a large amount of data (blockchain) every time you don't use it for a relatively long time and the first time, while electrum has the disadvantages of relying on external servers and using a deterministic seed (that is a pro but also cons, several have said that it could be used to find out the public keys and then all your bitcoin addresses, I was wondering what about private keys with deterministic seeds). I've never tried an online option, but I'm not against them, although most topics require personal information.
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