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  1. i will say you something anything know talking about crypto it will be important in future as what happen with bitcointalk it will be also cryptotalk
  2. is too easy most members here came here to earn some extra money so 90 percent of member will be living inculding me in this is the fact
  3. the answer is too easy and peasy because this forum it is not like any one this give you money this is why see there is more 10millions post
  4. i have been working from 1 month and half and i don't heard anything by coin ot something all you can make it here is 30k satoshi as limit daily.
  5. I am not a beginner to this forum so I don't need to reply long with this content or post and i think there is special post from admin in intouduction
  6. In fact, this change needs a great time, but there are those who say that the currency of Litecoin will replace Bitcoin, but in my opinion it is the currency of Ripple.
  7. Because it worked daily more than 30 content is very tired and this is my experience and the experience of many users
  8. Nous avons vu que cryptotalk ne regrette malheureusement pas pour les nouveaux utilisateurs de postes de paiement, mais dans l'utilité du forum, les modérateurs ont indiqué que jusqu'à présent, il a été interrompu et sera bientôt de retour.
  9. i join most of exchange giveawys like kucoin and binance and coineal and more but and i resalut one thing just fake expet yobit i earned 30yodollars
  10. every body in this forum now is members all of us we was newbie but i advise newbie to read FAQ to don't band and thanks.
  11. This feature is usually enjoyed only by the owners of YouTube who explain profitable sites and is frankly a profitable method
  12. For now and from 2 dollars i got it daily from this forum half from my monry i used to gifte card games and other or the half i let it as invest
  13. The idea as an idea is beautiful, but the problem is in the company, who guarantees me the money that I will put in a trap, and also for a long time, six months.
  14. Full agree with you and just want to add notice the site kolotibablo i try it but like you say because every 1 minute he give a captcha and this so bad but i recommended to use 2captcha
  15. I got two warnings, the first warning I actually made a mistake in, but the second warning did not go wrong and they also prevented me three days from writing the contents, why do not know.
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