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  1. I do agree with you. We can't say that our personal information is safe in that platform. But i usually give my information to the reputed platforms. We shouldn't do kyc in new platforms. It is not a must for an exchanger to be great. Cause we know binance and yobit both are greta exchanger but they don't require kyc must. So we should aware of those platforms.
  2. I can't really hope for greater cause for earning great we need huge amount. Those who have not much money to invest they can just earn by bounties and this forum also. I am in that situation. I have gained about 200$ this year though i have joined crypto a few months ago. But yeah i really hope that next year will be great for me.
  3. There will always be a feeling of loosing my money. Cryptocurrency is very much complicated whether it is for investment or trading. Gaining knowledge about market decreases the chances of loosing but not fully. That depends on us. We should invest what we afford to loose. We shouldn't put our everything in that. Crypto has its advantages and disadvantages at the same time.
  4. For small investors eth and ltc are the perfect coin to invest. He can invest in btc also. Cause these 3 coins mostly fluctuates at the same time. More like eth and ltc are depending on btc price. So you can try any of these three.
  5. When is first heard of Bitcoin with a very high price i thought thag it is like a gold coin. I didn't think that there is a world of online currency. I heard that in 2017. I get to know more about btc in this year. I startey cryptolife this year. A friend pf mine changed my perspective about bitcoin and whole Cryptocurrency.
  6. There is no chance of loosing your money while using investbox. Investbox is a great feature of yobit. The amount we get daily comes from a particular fund . There are many currencies available to invest . One can get 0.1-1% a day by completing some daily tasks or sometimes for nothing. So you can try that with no worries.
  7. Your thoughts became true. The price of bitcoin really broke the record. Before that in 2017 the price of bitcoin was the highest. So it seems that in every 3-4 year bitcoins price fluctuates with high possiblity. Now the price of bitcoin is above 23k usd. Lets see how the price goes in 2021.
  8. Cryptotalk is more like a part time job for many of the users. In our real life we need be worthy for any kind of job. So to be worthy for this forum if we need to learn english,we must. In future they may introduce other languages section. But till then we need to improve our English for our betterment. We can also use translators to understand and improvise others ideas.
  9. I do agree with your green tick option but not other two. I think only tick symbol is enough. There should be a time like 6-12 hours whether the post will remain or not. The moderators will tick those post that are acceptable in this forum. I think there is no need for other two symbols. We will just reply in those which have tick mark. I think that will be a good idea.
  10. You have did the right thing. Firstly we all should avoid those who message us in telegram by giving offers about crypto. Yobit never launched an app. If they want to launch an app then they will give an update about that in their official Twitter page. Then we will get information in telegram channel also. So be careful from those spammers and block them immediately.
  11. To be honest there are no websites that pays for free like this forum. Most of them requires money to earn. But this forum doesn't require anything. All we need is be respectful to this forum, follow the rules and try to contribute with good posts. That will give you enough earnings for a day.
  12. You are right. We all made mistakes . But the important part is we must accept our mistake. If we don't accept our mistake then it will bring disaster for our own. The consequences won't be good. The forum gave us rules. We must try to avoid those. We shouldn't take this forum for granted. We should take this forum as a platform for learning. And the respect for the rules will automatically come in our mind and heart.
  13. Yes. There are many countries who doesn't allow cryptocurrency including mine. The way cryptocurrency is spreading the day is not far when every country will accept it. I am desperately waiting for that day.
  14. It is normal to be concerned about the token. I do like this new payment system. I think almost everyone in this forum like this new payment system. We get both in btc and talk token. If you have read the moderators topic then you will know that this token is now in starter process. There are more to see for this token. I am also worried but still i have hope that the token will be in a good price as they said.
  15. Nowadays most of the wallets have 2fa secure system. We should also set pin pr password so that each time we need to give the password to enter. If wallets give us the features it is our duty to keep our assets safe.
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