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  1. Creating an application for the cryptotalk site and the Yobet platform is a very good thing and will gain them a very large spread and popularity, and I think that their users will increase and multiply as well. It is a good idea.
  2. I cannot express an opinion on this issue because I do not have experience in mining. I have heard about cloud mining, but I am not convinced that there is mining through mobile devices because it needs devices that have high hash.
  3. Do not be afraid, my friend, the world of cryptography in profit and it has a loss, but I would like to tell you in famous currencies that there is no loss as long as you are patient with what you bought and you will get the tremendous profits.
  4. Yes, there is a wallet called Blockchain, other than that term that we hear about it being the technology of transferring money between wallets. It is a wallet and one of the safest wallets in the history of cryptocurrencies.
  5. Keeping currencies will bring profit in the future, and this is called long-term investing. Therefore, patience is recommended for beginners who enter trades and when the currency begins to correct, they are afraid and sell what they have.
  6. I think that the hype of encrypted digital currencies will positively affect the development of societies and improve poverty and other situations, but we can develop that by strengthening the culture of coding for all people, old and young, female and male.
  7. You cannot do this before knowing whether the encrypted error is legal in your country or not. If it is legal, you must transfer it from your wallet to your bank account and the currency of your country.
  8. You cannot determine it with this simple matter because the price of the talk symbol and the price of bitcoin is constantly changing, so you have to calculate it. You will take 10 talk on every post and 200 satoshi on each post that has a positive evaluation.
  9. In my country, there is a large percentage of those working on the Internet to earn cryptocurrencies in order to sell, trade or invest in them. I recently entered the field and found many who depend on this matter to earn.
  10. In fact, nothing like this happened to me before because I did not violate the rules, I did not receive a warning or a ban, but according to what happened with my friend once, he was banned for several days only and he returned to publishing again because it was in violation of the rules. Indefinitely.
  11. The leaderboard is a stimulating and distinctive thing, and it can help the junior and junior members in improving their performance in the coming times by creating hot and constructive topics and thus the forum will become a hot arena for discussion on how to increase knowledge.
  12. Certainly, portfolios and easy trading platforms can clarify the matter in a smooth and simple way for the elderly. As for his vision of the currency and Japanese candlesticks tables, it will make it much more complicated for them.
  13. The most important thing to stay alive here is to abide by the rules stipulated in a section on the forum. The supervisors here are strict and stress a lot on the problems and they need precision in everything, with success for all.
  14. Through the popularity of the wallet, such as Trust, Yobit, Binance, and Keokin, which are both wallets and leggings, and it has proven its worth in the crypto world and now has a good reputation, it is definitely legitimate.
  15. In fact, I also knew cryptalk from Telegram, when I was wasting my time on scams bots. One of my friends taught me to register in the forum to not be able to accumulate good capital and start trading it.
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