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  1. Hi dear welcome to this platform As a beginner you can use yobit wallet as it is very easy to use and you can do investements thorough this wallet also. All the best . Thank you
  2. Hi dear You can invest your money in yobit account as this is the best use of this platform you can buy the currencues at lower rates and can sell it when the prices increases. All the best Thank you
  3. Hi dear May be you put your wrong password. Check it again and write your correct password. You have to use your same email which you are using for your crypto account here. All the best
  4. Hi dear welcome to this platform By doing work hard you can achieve your goals. Follow the rules of the forum make unique and useful posts Dont copy other members content. All the best
  5. Hlo dear. Sorry to say but i have not any such experience . But the comments if other members surely can help you to find out some websites so keep an eye on every reply to get good answer. All the best
  6. Hi dear A very useful post from you and is infirmative too. This is a long procedure of 9 years . People should try some other ways to earn bitcoins instead of posting here only. All the best Thank you
  7. Hi dear Yes you are right and i am agree with your suggestions. Your post is very helpfull for all members except they are new or old. By follow these steps we can make useful posts. All the best thank you
  8. Hi dear mate Yes you are right mostly members are limited only just to react and comments on other's posts . But i think there are also new members who have not much experties about this field so they try to only react instead of making new content. All the best thank you
  9. Hi dear Yes you are right these coins are best. And you shared a useful information about these coins This is very useful for all the members. All the best Thank you Keep posting.
  10. Hi dear mate Trading is very good option to make money. But if your purpose is only to become rich then you should think about it once again because you will make fast decisions but this is time consuming process you have some patience to earn and it also depends on your capital too. All the best thank you
  11. Hi dear Yes you are right to getting negative reputation or warning points is not good . But according to me this forum gives us chances after warning points but when we get 3 warnings then they banned us for some time. And after completing our penality we can rejoin it. All the best
  12. Hi dear mate A good question from you. But un my views you need not to worry about this because the future of crypto is very bright . And now this is the era of digital world. People are moving ahead towadrs digital things. So we should make it more useful for us instead of being afraid. All the best
  13. Hi dear mate Yes you ate right and i am agree with your suggestions Members should be active try to respond the replies. Follow the rules of the forum Do research before creating any topic. All the best thank you
  14. Hi dear I can understand your point sometimes its harder to understand the topic .but dear dont give up due to the fear of failure. You should read the other member's replies and try to understand the topic. Hope that by reading other member's comments you will be able to create a useful reply. All the best Thank you
  15. Hi dear Yes this is true there are many similar posts but this forum not allowed us to make similar posts so members should avoid this and try to follow the rules of the forum. They should use search bar to search the topics and try to make unique posts. All the best thank you
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