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  1. We have to remember we all need each other's support in this forum.Like giving likes, providing valuable information are the key to build this community. By, reaching out for each other we can also create friends and improve our bond with other members too.Crypto is really enjoyable when you have others supporting for you too.♥️
  2. Normally when you post something out of the topic or unreasonable post, then the post gets deleted by the moderators in here.Also,they are updating the system now,so some of the previous comments are also getting deleted due to unavoidable reasons,dear.
  3. We should avoid getting banned and for that we have to follow the rules in here.First and foremost do not copy other member's post and plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Also,we should avoid getting warning signs too cause they are harmful for our account, my friend.
  4. Maybe for some governmental issue cryptocurrency is banned in many countries. Also,for hacking and other illegal things can be the reason too.I hope in future crypto is widely accepted by all countries in the world.
  5. World is replying on virtual conversations more than ever now.Covid-19 has made us to use the virtual apps daily and zoom is one of them.Zoom cloud meetings are popular in the whole world and many country's education system also rely on them.So,it is a very helpful app.
  6. I agree with you on this one my friend. Bitcoin is like digital gold.We buy gold practicality but we buy bitcoins virtually. Both has the same capacity to increase it's value day by day.Bitcoins are now valued almost 63000 usd in the market.So,they are like virtual gold to us.
  7. My experience with yobit by far is great.It is a really secure and easy to work with platform. Also,yobit payment is currently stopped for few a days.I think they will recover it soon.Otherwise,it is a great forum for making profit daily @Alexánder Morffe
  8. Crypto trading training is one of the best training options in the market for investment,my friend. I would highly recommend this platform to anyone.My experience with this was great and my trading skills has also improved a lot.Thanks to this forum and It's creators.
  9. nowrin339

    Exchange Fees

    Different coins requires different amount of exchange rates.I would tell you to search before making a withdraw. Try to withdraw with the one which requires lower exchange fees because it is infact your hard earned money.
  10. Yes my friend, I receive and deposit my crypto payment on yobit.There, I find that platform very safe and secure to keep my deposits.Unfortunately, in these days the payments has stopped in yobit.I hope,the issue will be resolved soon.
  11. I don't know who banned cryptocurrency in India,my friend.If It's the government then they should make crypto legalize for the benefit of the people there.I have heard India suffers from poverty and these currencies will help them a lot to overcome this.
  12. Well,I have seen this new section my dear,They are currently working on it.I think it is for the betterment of the forum.We are in short of topics and opening a new section can help us learn about new things which I think is necessary for our future Knowledge, thanks.
  13. Bitcoins growth is increasing day by day and people are investing on bitcoins more than ever.As a result, the prices and demand increasing at the same time.A few days ago,bitcoins prices were upto 50000 usd now it is 63000 usd.So,it is highly profitable.
  14. Every job contains both profit and risk.Like here in crypto the market prices fluctuates way too much so you never know when to make the right move.Also,research and experience help in avoiding risks.So,I suggest you to invest in small amounts first,best of luck.😇
  15. Yes,I have also tried to see my payment in yobit but there was no response. I think it is happening because of some Internal problem.Have patience, and keep working I hope the matter will be resolved soon.
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