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  1. Yes I think block chain is safe. Many of members work on it. These types of site are good and valuable if you have proper iinformation.Then you can use it in easy way. Don't worry about it.
  2. Yes you are right reading is not too easy. Sometimes we think we can read now we can do it but in real time something else happened. So read all thing carefully and research them and get more and more knowledge.
  3. Thank you I would under your topic easily. Believe me I always remember and struggle to do my best. Never go against the rules and regulations. Otherwise you get warning point or still ban.
  4. In this way I can always prefer share your knowledge and experience with others. Then you can learn more knowledge and skills. Never disappear from your thoughts always work hard one day you will be successful person.
  5. I don't sure but in some purpose I think it make you rich. If you have expand knowledge then you become rich. But never become greedy to achieve any thing.
  6. Absolutely if you can make a wrong post or give a wrong information. Then moderate will delete your and post and give you warning point. Never do these types of posts on this forum. Make this forum good and share your knowledge and experience with others.
  7. I compromise with your post if we can work hard and create best topics. Automatically we get reputation and become famous never chose topics those are useless and against the rules and regulations.
  8. You give a good advice to newbies. When I was new alot of my respective seniors helps me. Always follow the rules and regulations and never lose hope don't become greedy and depend on your own self.
  9. I think you have a lot of money then you can wait for a year or so. Hold it but not for a year when you think it give you good opportunity then sell it. Otherwise you can trade or invest it it's your own choice.
  10. I don't think so but getting profit and earning money are everything some people think this. And then they scam and lose all of money. First sure about its best way or not then do something. Every new currency is not valid. So, be careful.
  11. Ofcourse its depend on you what do you want. Some time members buy and rate will increase and vice versa. But I think never sell without any reason hold or buy then you can get good profit.
  12. I tell you that first learn knowledge about trading. Because some time value up and down and main thing some time its value constant for a long time and it create problems. If you can buy it and after this currency goes down then you can lose. Always be patient and never become greedy.
  13. No I don't think so that crypto will scam with me in future or now. You can said Crypto is a high quality product. This currency never disappointed his members. His owner always do his best and make sure to happy his members.
  14. When I came here first time two thing difficult for me. One is creating 100 posts it creates problems for me because my knowledge and English is not good those days. Second forum rules some Time create hesitation for me. But still now I am happy and thank God I am a member of this wonderful forum.
  15. Good posts buddy but I think ltc fee is high because if you have 0.003 BTC then you get only 1 % payment and other 2% will gone in fee. So, this is not help ful for me or those members who earn small payments.
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