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  1. That's right, in this trading insecurity is useless when trading, if you do not feel safe when performing an operation it is better to let it go and look for other movements, patience is also important since Lack of it, many mistakes are made by letting ourselves be carried away by emotions and by impulses we can make big mistakes that lead to great losses.
  2. I feel identified with your case, when you start in the world of trading it is very normal to make mistakes but everything is trial and error and you learn from mistakes, the ideal is to practice if possible in a demo account to improve our strategies little by little , I believe that to be prudent when trading you have to be constant and have a lot of patience to achieve successful operations.
  3. Basically it is a robot that places the orders for you, I personally distrust it, I think the best thing is to do the purchase and sale orders yourself as best suits us.
  4. Good contribution, although I already have a slight knowledge about it, it is always good to learn more, I still consider myself a learner so I appreciate your information.
  5. Litecoin is my favorite coin, I had already heard about Litecoin Plus but I did not give it importance but thanks to your publication it gives me another perspective to investigate more about this project.
  6. Oh wow, excuse me and it only works with bitcoin or can other cryptocurrencies also be recovered? I mistakenly lost Litecoin
  7. I had seen that section but honestly I did not pay attention to it but thanks to your comment I already have an idea of what it is about, although it is a game of chance that could be risky I think that it does not hurt to play it on some occasion and hopefully and you could win but you have to bet with caution.
  8. I share your opinion, although I have some knowledge, I could say that the basics, I do not consider myself an expert since every day is learning something new and as for the currency I am also fond of litecoin since I began to know about bitcoin Ltc caught my attention And what I like the most is that their transactions are very fast and many times the withdrawal fees are usually low.
  9. I see that most tell you that it is a waste of time, I have personally worked on them and yes there are many ptc that are, since you have to see many ads to obtain a very low reward but what I can tell you is if you are looking for something without investment and free, the ptc are indicated but be careful not only any ptc, I recommend adbtc.io the minimum withdrawal is 4 thousand satoshis and you arrive in approximately 12 to 15 days if you have referrals you arrive much faster and you earn more satoshis, another ptc I highly recommend it and for me it is the best for being very practical and for only having 10 ads I consider it the best it is "finally main" for every day there are a thousand satoshis the minimum withdrawal There are 11 thousand satoshis and there are only 10 ads They last only a few seconds, I recommend it since it is safe to pay without problems and unlike all ptc there are only 10 ads so you will invest very little of your time.
  10. Oh thank you I still did not understand that since I was looking for members and nothing appeared, thank you very much for the specification.
  11. In what cryptocurrencies do you have your capital invested? And in which cryptos do you think is a good time to invest? I have invested in Steem, Lisk, Ethereum and LBC but I would like to know in which others do you suggest that it may be a good time to invest and what do you think based on your technical analysis that may increase its value in the medium or long term?
  12. I have never considered ripple as a good currency to invest, I have done it about twice obtaining little profit but now with this information I think it could be a good time to take it into account and invest thanks for the note.
  13. Wow, really? I was not aware of this, I have heard that some block certain content or even close Facebook for a few days, but that YouTube definitely prohibits that type of content is really very bad news since that network is where most news is published. about cryptocurrencies in any case if this is already true, another option a bit similar to youtube would be Lbry.tv
  14. I think that there is no secure online wallet since they are subject to being hacked, so it is important to activate the 2fa authenticator or there are the hardware wallets but if you are looking for an online wallet personally it would be Exodus, Coinbase or Bitso although in this last there are few currencies that handle
  15. At the moment the first 10 on coinmarketcap in order are: Binance, Coinbase Pro, Upbit, Kraken, Bitfinex, Huobi Global, FTX, Kucoin, Bittrex and Coinone. Personally, my top is 6 Yobit, Poloniex, Bitso, Coinex, Binance and Coinbase.
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