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  1. That is important that many students are earning Bitcoin Fractions but the most important thing is that they are gaining knowledge of cryptocurrencies. in order to develop their skills by trading or investing working in the forum. It is helpful that students are earning Bitcoin to pay for their expenses
  2. Yes, friend, I think so, because if you invest in bitcoin and its price increases all at once, you could be making good short-term profits, also bitcoin is a strong cryptocurrency that is generally rising in price so the losses are very few.
  3. Well, not exactly, actually, earnig free bitcoin is not that easy, because if there are platforms that give fractions of bitcoin for free but only very minimal amounts and there are not many profits . also doing trading and investing in reliable and secure platforms you can earn some profitability although everything has its risks
  4. It is a post of great appreciation, even today there are many members working to learn and earn money also talk token had a good price when it came out today it is not worth much but hopefully its value will rise in the future although the double payment continues in yobit.
  5. Thanks for sharing this information. and know those 4 ways not to be scammed by fake airdrop. The first thing that you get is the important one because no legitimate airdrop is going to ask you for money. If they ask you for money in an aidrop that is a scam so stay away and do not fall for a fake airdrop. also in your wallets or platform always create strong passwords with very lowercase letters and numbers and never shre with unknow people.
  6. Yes you are right friend. This platform is reliable and legitimate because you do not need to invest money to earn it, it only requires your time and dedication, you will also gain knowledge and earn money by sharing useful post for the community.for that reason you have a platform with incredible opportunities .
  7. Useful post, I know the acronym KYC and it is good for beginners and know about that, it refers to that they are centralizedplatforms that need you to send your documents to know that they are real people, also it is not recommended send your ID to unknow platform neiter join an aidrop with KYC your identity can get compromised and they can scam you or steal your identity. be careful
  8. I do not think it is a good idea because in the future he could enter that account that you bought him and you will be scammed and more if he is a stranger or unknow people, it is also against the policies of any platform, buying accounts of other users will not be legal.
  9. Today what makes Bitcoin so special is the trust it has as a digital asset and the number of people who invest in the currency to obtain a profitability and a profit on their investment, as well as the number of users who trade with the currency and transactions in some countries for its use as payment for services or goods is that Cryptocurrency
  10. Well, it is important to develop a strategy to obtain more replies and more positive reactions in each post we make and thus be able to reach more members through sharing our knowledge expressing the concept of this field (cryptocurrency) with new terms or technical words in our useful and meaningful posts. we must be authentic and original in that way we will obtain good results in your topics or posts
  11. You are already enabled to transfer your Bitcoin Fractions to your Yobit account, often that is disabled due to maintenance reasons, I suppose or technical issue. but you can work safely here in the forum and withdraw your money in an easy way .i recommended to convert your Bitcoin or Litecoin or another currency because Bitcoin fees are higher.
  12. Well friend in this forum we will learn as a school all those questions you asked will be answered when we look for more information inthis forum, to learn and gain knowledge as we go deeper into this field of learn to use and differentiate them. its uses in finance and markets.
  13. Very true friend. here in the forum if you want to be successful and grow, gain knowledge and earn money, you must be motivated with work to achieve your objectives and goals. and as you said in your post, (Don't give up Great things take time!) to win here in Cryptotalk you have to work hard. I wish success for those who read this post.😄
  14. A certainly friend you're right, investing in Crypto is a risk and more when you are newbie and you do not have knowledge in this field, in addition, the lack of knowledge makes some lose their money because they do not have the experience and skills when investing or trade.
  15. Hi, friend. Well it depends on the time you have in the forum. The rank is earned by members who spend a long time making useful posts for the community. and they have in their accounts between 500 and 1000 in reputation.. once you increase your reputation sometimes it takes months or more time depending on, you will stop being a newbie member and you will become a member or full member.
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