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  1. Yes, these two sites are to find genuine and verified Airdrops. Moreover, Aidrop Alert, AirdropBob, etc are more sites to find legitimate Airdrops. Participating in Legit Airdrops give you a return but scam Airdrops spoil your time and hope.
  2. Dogecoin is a micropayment coin with fast transaction. This is very useful to send doge with a minimum transaction fee. The coin has a giant total supply of more than 100bn. For this big supply, its availability is everywhere. So, price can not so high. Once doge may jump.
  3. Investing in 1 coin is not a wise decision. There may happen many things in future, we are not aware of it. Investing in top multiple coins are somehow safe for your funds. We should always monitor what's going on and what may happen in crypto industry.
  4. The reality of cryptocurrency is it is going to be popular day by day throughout all hardships. Once people used metal coins. The next generation quit it after paper note was introduced. Accordingly, the next generation may stop to use paper notes but will use digital currency, like cryptocurrency.
  5. I withdrew many times from yobit but I never faced such problem. The yobit withdrawal transaction is always fast. In the stated case it might have occurred some technical problem of the specified network. It is not the problem of that exchange.
  6. I think Tron (TRX) is most promising coin among the listed coins. This is my view. Trx is a sleeping giant which shake for its increasing number of users, fast transaction, trading volume, micro payment facility etc. Price may be many folds in future.
  7. Paper money has always a risk to carry. Especially, where the the govt. can not secure the the citizen properly- I mean, it is mostly occurred in developing countries. So, electronic money like crypto money is safe to use if you can secure your wallet.
  8. This is a positive outlook of a Government about crypto. Crypto is banned in many countries. The Syrian Govt. has taken courageous step to validate crypto. This is the victory of cryptocurrency. As a crypto enthusiast, I can say- this is laudable. Thanks for your information.
  9. Still now Tether is safe to trade paired with other. It is not a currency to hold for long. As it is being used as stablecoin, you can cash other currencies in USDT when price increases. On the other hand, sell Tether when your targeted currency goes down and worth to buy for profit.
  10. This is very important for a beginner to know the forum rules. Starting as a beginner, I also did some mistake such as commenting on the posts of a brand new post, completing less than 100 characters- but that were in only few posts. When I came to know the that comments on new posts may be deleted- I stopped it. Your post is guidance for newbies.
  11. You can not get rich quick without investment in crypto-world. If you don't have money, first try to earn some crypto participating Airdrop/Bounties. Accumulate some fund, learn crypto-trading seriously. Make profit gradually. It will make you rich step by step. Another way to get rich quick is domain buy/sell. Learn about keyword research, select keyword-rich domain at cheap and sell in on auction in 'Flippa'. If luck favors, you can be a millionaire.
  12. Bounties are hard and series job. You have to work for a stipulated period to campaign the project according their instructions report daily/weekly. There is bigger income guarantee in bounties than Airdrop, if the project becomes genuine. Specially to me- Bounty is tiring.
  13. Prediction sometimes becomes true when it is based on strong analysis. Only Almighty knows the future. If prediction comes from most researched source, you can believe it partially, not the whole. You have money and food but you don't know where will you take launch tomorrow.
  14. These are the HYPE( High Yield Invstment) sites that offer very lucrative to double, triple your money within 3, 4 5, to 15 days or more. New investors who are greedy and conscious of these Ponzi sites, invest for big ROI and lose money. The tactics of these sites to collect huge members by paying the initial entry members. Let's try to keep safe from the scammers.
  15. People are making profit from yobit investbox. I think, you should only invest in coins/token that has a good market value. Some tokens like liza has no value in the market. There are no buy orders. Although you can get high percentage daily. So, this is not a wise decision to invest such crypto. I have decided to invest in yo- that is always good.
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