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  1. I think it is not accurate and offers prices randomly because I have followed many sites that predict Bitcoin prices for example and their forecasts were not correct
  2. The process of trading is very easy and the difficulty lies in analyzing and predicting the movement of the currency will rise or fall
  3. This is a list of the most important sites for providing detailed information about cryptocurrencies and I prefer using the market cap
  4. Did you try it yourself or is this a subject quoted from the experiences of others I mean is it a sincere site to buy gift cards by paying with bitcoin
  5. Certainly I do not trust PTC ads because they may carry spyware and hacking with them, so you should beware while browsing these sites
  6. So far I have successful experiences in trading, which is by buying currencies with a small price and multiplying, but until you can catch these opportunities you must be good in the analysis
  7. This is really a good idea to divide and arrange your money and accounts in order to facilitate your business
  8. I think it is not useful and I get it but it is not worth a great value but there are some currencies that are offered free of charge and they become good and have a great price
  9. Yes, it is necessary to study the matter in terms of profits and benefits before implementing any plan or transfer to other currencies
  10. This is a good advice and you should always use an alternate email on such sites as well as variable passwords
  11. Yes, a bad reputation is presented in order that your topic is repeated, unhelpful, or not understood or wrong, for example, but there are some members who provide a bad reputation without any reason.
  12. Yes, the withdrawal fees are subject to change depending on the development of the currency. The higher the fees, the higher the bitcoin currency, and this is to maintain its blockchain system.
  13. Yes, these points must be taken into consideration and entered into the money that you can afford to lose because these currencies are very volatile and we must be careful
  14. yopony is the yinette coin and horse betting on the YOBIT platform and it is used for these things and is similar to betting tickets
  15. Litecoin is a hugely excellent currency and I expect it to return to $ 100 after the price of Bitcoin explodes in the coming months
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