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  1. I think that postponing such a case concerning the cryptocurrency by the Japanese minister is not a good idea because it is important and does not need to be postponed.
  2. Governments will have to support cryptocurrencies against their will because the matter is not at their disposal and thus lose a lot of their power and money and for this they must be part of the crypto or lose a lot
  3. The smart contract provides you with a lot of features and services compared to normal rules, among which are speed and low fees
  4. Yes, investing in a yobit platform is profitable, but you must have experience and know which currency to invest in
  5. It seems to be the beginning of Europe's openness around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is beginning to evolve
  6. All cryptocurrencies are affected by bitcoin price fluctuations which is the main reason for the decrease and increase in the price of cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin
  7. I think good people suffer because of what bad people have done and this is sad but this may change in the coming days
  8. This is not the first bloodbath that occurs in cryptocurrencies. It has happened several times over the past years, and things are getting better again.
  9. I have not yet tried using a bitcoin ATM but as apparently a platform for exchanging bitcoins and fiat currencies and vice versa in a guaranteed way
  10. Bitcoin ATM works in an easy way If you want to sell bitcoin for money FIAT all you have to do is send the money to the address provided to you through the tape and scan it from the phone and send If you want to buy, you will give the paper money in cash to the cashier and provide it with the wallet strap to send to it
  11. This is good. The available currencies are strong and well known, such as Dash and Litecoin. They are among my best currencies and I deal in them greatly
  12. I use many wallets but I have found that the best wallet in all respects fees Speed Protection is CRYPTONATOR
  13. Fortunately I am not part of BT360 CRYPTO and I do not have any account or participation on this platform and some go anywhere without studying the risks and this is a big mistake
  14. But this is easy because it is considered companies and it is difficult to hide its activity easily, but tracking Bitcoin transactions is impossible
  15. The payments provided by the forum are as support and encouragement to you and for this you must provide useful and important posts and topics
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