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  1. Yes, it is the best procedure before posting a topic to make sure that the topic does not already exist so that your posts are not deleted or given warning points
  2. Yes forum still pays yet This is expected to continue for the long term, according to the supervisors That's why you can get paid every day
  3. The second option seems useful is to memorize the topics to read later As for the first option, this is not important to me because I do not like to observe people and become a person looking for people's flaws
  4. When I registered there was no welcome message and currently I don't know Because I'm already registered So I hope that a welcome message will be created to familiarize the new members with the rules and laws and how it works
  5. The picture will clear up over time and things will go well Because the forum is new and many members are unaware of how it works and what its rules are
  6. We are here to share ideas and knowledge and help each other It would be a pleasure to read your posts and say an opinion About your cryptocurrencies, whether they are good or not
  7. Simply because external threads are moved to this section This is why it was created in order to arrange the rest of the sections
  8. The first thing you need is to write 100 entries to be eligible to receive payments and the terms get harder each day so you have to do it quickly Your posts must be useful and unique means your own And then you will receive your payment
  9. It will be distributed according to the centers such as the classic competitions we are used to The first position takes the largest value and begins to decrease until the tenth position I hope that another competition will be held soon to enter the challenge strongly because the first competition I missed unfortunately
  10. I think the new members make mistakes and we pay the price This is not fair So I advise you to write posts in topics written by old members of the forum
  11. The most important feature of this forum is that it pays members for their posts and I don't think other forums do that This will be the best forum in cryptocurrencies soon
  12. These are good and useful suggestions and I agree I think the forum is working for the better and is developing itself better
  13. This is useful but currently I am not thinking of putting a picture on my signature until the forum becomes more famous and becomes supported by several platforms and sites
  14. The most important thing is that it will not last for a long time, so I think that these are temporary problems that the supervisors will find solutions to, so don't worry about it
  15. I think they have changed the sanctions regime for the better and you can ask for points to be deleted and there are temporary warning points
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