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  1. Thank you for replying. Nobody understood my problem, but I managed to solve it through BestChange platform. Anyways, mr @epidemia please lock my topic!
  2. There is nothing that comes for free or without taking risk or giving effort. I lost some money in trading, but I learned from my loss a lot.
  3. I think you are right. It is too bad that moderators do not send us notifications when one of our posts or topics get deleted for some reason.
  4. I will never trust these guys because if I were them, I would steal every single Satoshi that other members will send me (I'm just saying that this is a good way to scam).
  5. I respect your opinion mate, but I suggest you invest your time in more profitable projects than games that will definitely waste your time as I think.
  6. I feel myself to be lucky because I got to know this amazing forum. Cryptotalk helped a lot with my life especially with the money I made from this campaign pay by post.
  7. I am inspired by your words here! Knowledge is just a big ocean and no matter how much we know, there is always some new things to learn !
  8. I have seen a lot of topics like this advising newbies to start by reading the pinned posts in all sections here in Cryptotalk. There should not be a lot of duplication.
  9. Cryptocurrencies helped a lot during this lockdown and especially Cryptotalk. I got to learn trading with the money I made from this campaign!
  10. These people only seek for money earning out of Cryptotalk campaign. They don't care about the valuable information in every topic of this forum!
  11. I think you are dealing with a fake site here because if it requires deposit, it is definitely scam. So, be careful not to put any money inside of it.
  12. You can check the site reviews and information like who is the owner and where the service is located. This is how you get to verify them.
  13. No my friend. Once the transaction has been confirmed by you, you cannot undo it no matter what. You should say goodbye to that Ethereum money.
  14. No but Payeer provides a service of receiving cryptocurrencies just like a normal wallet. Other than this, I did not understand what you mean by your topic.
  15. Thanks! I personally use Coingecko to find out the latest updates about cryptocurrencies and I use Yobit platform to know the price of each cryptocurrency.
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