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  1. Affiliate Marketing is the fashionable business today since it has gained a lot of strength in the last 3 years in Latin America, it is a very profitable business model where we can earn high amounts of money and live from them by executing it in a correct way with the adequate training
  2. I am completely convinced that cryptocurrencies are going to play a predominant role in the not too distant future and it is something that makes me very happy on the one hand and saddens me on the other but I think it will generally be something positive
  3. Because the currency is very snowy it is very difficult to predict the price for the time that you indicate but I think the most important thing already happened was that it did not collapse at the time of its commercialization and I endure that phase right now it is on the rise with more than 70%
  4. I think it would not be so good since it could have improper use and the spammers would fill the profiles of the members with junk content it may be that later when we have a cleanly purified forum we can count on this function
  5. I particularly think that this change has been positive for everyone, both for the forum and for us, since it eliminates spam a bit and I don't see that there is any problem due to the increase in the time between posts.
  6. I am also very grateful to the forum since I started in my life has taken a 180 degree turn. I thank once again the owners of the forum for giving us this opportunity to learn and generate profit, the best way to help the forum is doing things correctly without damaging it
  7. Very good, I congratulate you for those beautiful words, I also think that we should take advantage of this book that we have due to the quarantine to investigate and learn every day about cryptocurrencies one of the ways we can say the time is by coming some movies that inspire us to continue fighting for our dreams I recommend the movie The Wolf of Wall Street is a very inspiring movie
  8. Personally, I have used quotes in different ways and I believe that it is something that we should all use once and for all in order to have a much more organized and orderly topic and at the same time be able to have a much more comfortable debate.
  9. That's right, you're right, everything depends on the use we give each one of us, we know that PayPal is much more famous and prestigious than payeer, personally, I like the latter more because of the low commission cost
  10. Good to know this seems great to me now everything depends on us if we want to double our earnings or not, we just have to work harder to duplicate those gains of course we must know how to use the reactions responsibly and consistently
  11. That's right, I think it has been a positive strategy for the forum and for the members, mostly for whom we create topics, since we are receiving reactions that we did not receive before the new campaign and that is a point in favor for all.
  12. It is something very personal, friend, it is not something that someone tells you if you invest, it is something that only you know if you have to do or not if you have sufficient capacity and you know what you do, do it, but do not do it to do it, it is to have the necessary foundations remember that your money is at stake
  13. Personally, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are going to have an important role in the future but they are not going to reach and exercise that function of being universal money for many reasons that are a bit complex to explain.
  14. I have a lot of experience in terms of cryptographic transactions and I can also say that Litecoin (LTC) is the best cryptocurrency to make transfers, from one exchange to another or to your favorite wallet, due to its low commission cost and speed of transfer.
  15. Thank you very much for this useful information I help a lot since I also did not savia like enabling this option in my profile, and thanks to this post I was able to activate it I thank you very much.
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