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  1. Well you can leave the private keys to all your bitcoin to you children or anyone you chooses, if you don't do it all your bitcoin will be lost to the world forever and the will be no one to benefit from it, it is better to make plans for your bitcoin before you go.
  2. Yobit don't have a stop sell on its platform, you can only do a spot trade, so setting a trade limit wouldn't be possible on yobit but if you good at predicting you can place your order to where you see fit.
  3. Your bitcoin story is a fascinating, I started bitcoin back in 2017 and since then I wish I sooner cause bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that you keep and hold no matter what, many people like you could have been a millionaire, anyway there is still time, bitcoin still have a long way to go.
  4. I am holding cryptocurrency because I know that the market will get very bullish and I will sell my coins and make a lot of money, this is how the cryptocurrency market works, today it is bearish tomorrow it is bullish.
  5. You can also identify scammers by their identity, many scammers claim to be recognize people in the crypto world, so all you need is to do a background check to see if they are who they claim to be.
  6. You can take a good project by going for project that is already establish in the crypto world, this is easier that analyzing a new project that is so difficult to review cause many people don't know about it.
  7. Your method is good but it will not work with many people cause the members of this forum are from all over the world, the best way to withdraw that will satisfy all members is to convert the bitcoin to ltc and then use an exchanger to convert to western union.
  8. Yes this is a good tip, many still don't know how to get around bitcoin withdraw fee on yobit, they are still holding their funds looking for way to withdraw, your post will be helpful to them.
  9. Ripple is a very good cryptocurrency, it is now the fourth biggest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization, ripple price has been seeing some good increment this week and things will even be way better next week for ripple as it price might increase above 0.35 cents.
  10. Yes your can get free coins on yobit, all your will need is to share yobit on one social platform of your choice and you will collect freecoins all day, there are many freecoins on yobit but they are not really worth much.
  11. Well there are many good crypto wallets online and offline, I prefer Atomic wallet for newbies cause it has support for so many cryptocurrencies and it is so easy to use and set up and also very secure.
  12. Yes before you start trading you need to put some risk management in place cause trading cryptocurrency is very risky and if you don't account for the risk you will lose you assets, many newbies have suffer in crypto trading because of poor risk management.
  13. Cryptotalk will last for a long time because they have develop into a international forum that is recognize all through the crypto world and they have the courage and energy to keep going and they will remain the best for a great amount of time.
  14. Yeah, when I first withdraw my earning from this forum it was amazing, I never thought I could make money from sharing the little knowlegde I have on cryptocurrency but cryptotalk prove me wrong.
  15. Well that depends where in the world you live, if you are in Russia it will be easy for you cause Yobit have support for that but it you reside some where else you will have to use an online exchange that support crypto to western union transfers or moneygram.
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