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  1. You have the right concentration, humor and patience will be all good
  2. Yes, I agree with you there are opportunities for great profit and losses as well Yes, I agree with you that the control of this currency since the duration of Dahab to 0, but there are good chances to profit watch it and you will see when any strong descent be corrected this directed Ndri I do not force it on anyone You have the right but a good chance Where a good chance just watch her enter in time and wait for the correction
  3. For the novice brothers watch the currency SEX where good and big profits only need patience and the time of entry into the purchase of watch out you can buy in 5300 or less and wait for the correction and congratulations you profit
  4. The collection of currency from the faucets is tiring and a waste of time loss of time more than profit now with this wonderful forum there is an opportunity for everyone to improve the situation without the need for fatigue and waiting for the minimum to withdraw
  5. I do not think that Bitcoin will rise because there are many people who have a lot of it when people lack Bitcoin and when the owners of companies become the largest number almost nothing left when people will explode and exceeds 20000 and 30,000 dollars
  6. The development of several languages for the forum will have more and more prospects for all and will have more popularity and more members☺️
  7. This forum is wonderful and very beautiful and an opportunity for all hope to put several languages in it will have greater prospects and more for all
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