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  1. Yes you are right.i am very very thanks to crypto. Because now i also had work.when i had not work i just waste my time in i work hard here and earn some money. What is very hepfulll to me.
  2. I think you have posted a useless comment or topic, so your comments and topics have been deleted.The rules of the crypt forum are written if anyone posts useless comments or topics, their comments and topics will be deleted and banned by those who copy and paste.
  3. Thanks for your importent topic from here, I now understand how to invest and how to increase the earning process.I will try to invest in this process and increase my earning efforts.
  4. It doesn't take ages to learn the words.I think if you want to learn something that doesn't depend on your age or time, It depends on your desire.That opportunity gives us a crypto forum that people of any age can work and earn.everybody acquiring new knowledge.
  5. Yes, you are right, thank you for your beautiful topic.There are people in different languages in different countries who know something like English language.However, it is wrong for grammatical reasons.So everyone should know better about English language then post here.
  6. Thanks to you, the new members that we have for your information may not know about this, so in my case, this is great news.I will also try to get free coins.I love to take something for free.
  7. Nrttb

    Safe wallet

    I think you should use the Coinbase wallet.I didn't withdraw any of my payments now, but all my friends withdrew from this Coinbase wallet and he said they reached out to them.
  8. Crypto Talk is an easy-to-earn platform where you can earn the most money.Do only thirty or so topics or comments every day.and earn 30 k satoshi easily.
  9. No, why would I quit my job because I thought it would be a part-time job?Because you don't have to spend more than an hour and a half to your daily post here, you can only post up to thirty, so it takes an hour and a half to post.So I chose to do this in my leisure time so that I don't have much time and I can do my job.
  10. I learned about cryptocurrency from my colleague when he told me about it.Then I started to research about it andjoin here.its very Usefull for me.i just loved it.
  11. It is very ipmortant topic for new members.All members here should follow the rules Regulations.if we do not post according to the rules and regulations of this forum. We will be banned.
  12. I liked your topic so much that I did not know what I learned from your topic.Now I will think about trading in crypto forums.thanks a lot for your important topic.
  13. Yes, I also notice that many new members here who are newly joined are not here to abide by the Rules they banned here. I also request all new member please learn the instruction perfectly then post here.
  14. Dear friend, you should not try this because if you add two accounts to one yobit account, you can become banned.Because it would be better to keep your transaction secret, the exchange will always try to keep your transaction secured.
  15. Yes, you are right, many are banned because of posting useless Topics. So members are being less here. Every member have to follow the rules perfectl.
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