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  1. We are in the right place here to earn money and learn more information. There are many websites, but many of them are incorrect
  2. I am new here, so I don’t know much information, but I followed the rules and learned from my friends. This is what kept me going forward.
  3. Bitcoin is always on the rise. I think the reason is that people are coming to it and the demand for it is increasing, but no one knows what will happen in the future.
  4. You always have to keep learning and gain experience in order to be able to think about different topics. I wish you success my friend
  5. Not many days have passed since I am still a beginner, but I work hard to learn and earn profit. I hope to continue here.
  6. Yes, I agree with you, this is a great forum because they care about beginners and teach them well. I wish him success and success for all members.
  7. Yes, I was always facing problems, but there is nothing difficult and impossible. There are experts in this forum who have enough information and share it with us
  8. I am a beginner, so I also like the beginners section because there is a lot of information that helps us know the work well in the beginning well.
  9. I do not have much information on the subject, but I am sure that it is many and I know among them Bitcoin because it is more expensive and expensive
  10. لا أعرف أي شيء عن موضوع الاستثمار لكني أتوقع أن يحتوي هذا المنتدى على جميع المعلومات حول العملة
  11. No problem, but I think every member of your family should have a phone or a personal computer in order not to have a problem
  12. لا تقلق ، لا أعتقد أن أي شخص قادر على الوصول إلى حسابك ، لكن لا تشارك معلومات حسابك مع أشخاص حتى لا يتعرضوا للأذى
  13. Thank you I have always been wondering about these differences, but you explained it to us easily. I hope there will be more of these things
  14. I think it is normal because everything starts with difficulty and I also think that it was the people's appetite for it that affected its price and also the development of the world
  15. I don't think anything will happen to you, but I hope you pay attention again and do not respond to the topic itself. There are many topics for us
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