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  1. In my opinion blockchain wallets is best and trusted you must try it if you have any doubt about this you can search about this and see the others people review then use it
  2. No you can't to here of topics but ths forum have many section so you can post every day just section related topic make sure that your topic is different for other users
  3. I agree with you friend you have a great idea for competition and I think every member want to do new activities so I hope your ideas will be benefit for this forum
  4. I know the price of ETH was increased and everyone want to trading but I don't understand what do you explain in your post plea clear your point with more details
  5. Yes friends I agree with you if we have own research we have get many new ideas and think about it in a different point of view so always research what you want to know about him
  6. Yes you are right friend many alt coins are dead bitcoin and ethrem is the best coin and many people use it for trading so it's value is always good
  7. Saira

    Penny altcoins

    I don't have any idea about investing but I read many posts every day about the investment and i think bitcoin and ETH coins is best form trading
  8. I don't know say anything exactly in my opinion I hope this forum will be going for a long time and we always earning money to make post
  9. Yes I agree with you you say absolutely right now this group is free of spam post admin and moderator do a good job I hope we all help them to clean spam
  10. This forum name is crytpotalk and you have post to forums related topic not make a post in youtube related otherwise you get banned for a admins or moderator
  11. We also have faced this issue after spending one day yobit problems was not solved I requested to the admin pplease fix this problem as soon as possible thank you
  12. You need to connect with crypto to yobit go to the yobit site and click the option registration enter your email you have used in cryptotalk accounts after this check your email box and confirm your account
  13. I have not know cryptotalk history clearly an old and senior person told you exactly about crypto history you also search in the google to know about it
  14. Everyone have equal to get the payment and make the 30 useful post but our viral and useful post always increases our reputation and we get reaction from others people
  15. You are right friend in this forum people don't give the reputation for other people useful post anyway you need to posted a useful topic to get reputation
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