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  1. I haven't been thinking about FOMO I heard this first time so I don't have any information about it but if any one help me to clear my concept about FOMO I'm thankful friends
  2. You are going your youbit account and click cryptotalk campaign then you see a box write their Your email and save it after this you recive your payment of useful post
  3. Yes friend you are right I agree with you I also feel this and I recive a message in my inbox with a big offer but my friend told me that's people are scammer so avoid them always
  4. This is not an issue friend you both of use accounts without any problem because your location is same but mobile devices and network is different so you can use your account freely
  5. Hey friend its really useful information for everyone I don't know about this feature but your post is help me to understand a new thing thanks for this
  6. I don't know what the news here people talk about but when I see your post and read other friend comments I they have talk to sub forum but I don't understand it
  7. No friend we can't give the like reaction for every person in our post because we have a limited number of reactions so we can't apply all member of this forum
  8. Sorry friend I'm not agree with you I think English is the language to read and understand it easily but if others friends wants to add more language it's depending on administrative
  9. No when a member dont use their account why the admin and moderator banned the account but they can miss the opportunity to make the money
  10. I agree with you but this method is difficult and we have a lot of time to translate some information so I think we try to understand read carefully and join learning courses
  11. Yes friend you are right I don't want thats account will be get banned I understand it's a hard time for those who have feel this so I always follow the rules and try to avoid all those things how's harmful for my account of
  12. Yes you are right I agree with you in this way we talk about forum posts and discussions about any problem we have faced in this forum
  13. Yes friend you are right your post is useful for every member of this forum thank you for sharing a useful information with us
  14. Hey friend I agree with you but I think we commented all the topic this section have many duplicate topic but we need to comments every post to complete our 30 comment in a day
  15. I don't know how to collect the fre coin in youbit account but I heard that we Need to Share link in our social media accounts to collect free coin
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