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  1. Again this offer may discontinue shortly as we are uncertain on how much resources this offer will eat up! Your Team would like to thank you for being a Valued Customer! See you at the top If you have any question please make sure to check out our new We also have great support ready to help you! You can contact our support teams directly from your member's area or directly off our main websites. YES!! We have added NEW tabs directly on our main websites making the process for support a much easier process for you! Our services have all been updated and upgraded! Giving you faster processing times, extra redundancy and solid up times! All Marketing material for you to earn incredible commissions is in your member's area ready to use! With meetcheap/MOM updating to new technologies in a HTML5 format absolutely no downloads or installs are required making your meetcheap web conferencing experience TOP NOTCH! It's a NEW exciting experience for you, your clients, attendees, and prospects! Thank you for everything that you do!
  2. A New Special Offer for all yobit members! It's a Super Deal that we put together for you, as a special thanks for using and recommending our services. This fun and crazy offer is EXCLUSIVELY for yobit members only. I am not sure how long we can maintain this offer for you as the costs to yo on these resources are huge! This New Offer Stands right now and available for a hand full of yo Action Takers. thank you
  3. I still haven’t received free aidrop. Why?
  4. IMPORTANT: Dear trader: Always do your own research and only invest solely based on your own findings and personal judgement. Trading and/or investing in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or any other type of cryptocurrency, altcoin or asset of any kind is extremely high risk and the market and price of any asset can crash or rise unpredictably at any time! Cryptos are incredibly volatile! You should always consult with a professional/licensed financial adviser before trading or investing in any asset. My only advice for investors and newbees is to take advantage I believe this will be more useful to those that want to increase their portfolio ,good luck.
  5. The SEC admitted that they are responsible for manipulating the price of bitcoin down (at the end of 2017) using derivatives. So it is not that the predictions were wrong, it is that the evil bankers have wielded their swords once again. Bitcoin had attained a new higher low and retained .all it takes now to be made is being smart. Now is another chance because, price will keep skyrocketing so the ideal thing to do is to accumulate by buying some more bitcoins and trading to triple that stock before the full blast of the bull waves kicks in; If you aren’t sure how to go about this, you can ask for assistance . Honestly What do you think about this please?
  6. YoBit As a global exchange. it does all the necessary work via a reliable exchange of cryptocurrency. To improve the user experience. The site also offers games and free coins. We have always been rewarded many times in the past form yobit.and we had glad to use it Now ,The longer you keep yo token, the more your reward will automatically be added to your account. Even if you are 0, you will have 100 in 99 hours, so enjoy..
  7. Invest 500$ and try to convert it to 1000 $ . Many individuals have relatively small amounts of money and are looking for a range of currencies that will help them to invest and increase them. When an individual succeeds in investing a small amount and turning it into a large sum and then converting it to a larger amount, then he can realize the concept of investment and apply it realistically correctly. I personally started in the past with a small amount
  8. I will tell you , interact with exchanges. Cryptocurrency traders do the same thing that ordinary players in the stock market do - they see prices and use chart analysis. All they do for the same purpose - buy cheaper, sell more expensive, put the difference in his pocket. True, there are more instruments for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Any change in prices promises potential profits. Despite the bad volatility of Bitcoin, the prospects are simply fantastic. Then there are periods of stagnation, in which mistakes and disappointments must be avoided. There is no need for huge capital but it has to be experienced.
  9. The giant of social networking sites Facebook is undergoing a new revival of the succession of crises in which it has entered since the announcement of its new crypto currency Libra, which is scheduled to launch in 2020.Many quarters stressed that the currency would threaten major currencies. Many have criticized Facebook for considering launching the Libra finance project, especially in the wake of repeated privacy violations on the social media interface. Libra will probably not be a strong competitor to other currencies, We'll see in the future.
  10. By monitoring cryptocurrency markets, traders can anonymously store and transfer millions of dollars and pave the way for a level of financial freedom that can never be implemented under any government system. This freedom is accompanied by these public acts of market manipulation, which are simply the result of the misuse of bad players by the "whales" of an unregulated space to the detriment of the majority who has good intentions like us . Bitcoin rose slowly from $ 6,200 to $ 9,400. From my point of view, the cryptocurrency market is just manipulating.
  11. One of the ways to grow personal income is the investment process, It is well known that investing is not risk free, but choosing your investment wisely can reduce the chances of failure and increase the likelihood of success. Also, it is better to invest rather than keep your money idle in your pocket, as there are a number of factors to be studied: - Starting from setting currency rates - Entry and exit , areas - Track price movement. - Adopting the theory of supply and demand. It is known that if the number of available digital currency on the market is small, the value of the currency increases, and therefore people will pay in the currency more.
  12. XRP is one of the currencies that has lost a great loss explicitly reached my 20% loss, but I will not sell to reach the last peak and then we see his way.
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