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  1. I almost became spending more time on the YouTube application and watching useful, educational and informative videos, as well as to receive news and follow the market, follow the Twitter and Telegram application, which I think is one of the best applications that a person should have on his device because it is easier and fast
  2. There is no person or trader who has not been defrauded except for those who are lucky or that they were alerted to the matter before the occurrence of the matter, but the problem is not in falling into the trap of a fraud. The problem is that the matter is repeated many times and that we do not learn from the error that we have fallen into, and that is why we should not be sad or lost. Hope is when we are deceived, because we all go through these periods, but gaining experience is better than all this in the end.
  3. A useful post for all, for the new and even the old, with experience or without experience, because everyone can fall into the trap of spam, as it is said, because the method every time comes with new ideas, and each time we must renew our knowledge of fraud and deception methods that are learned by these swindlers and for this updates Which must be learned by the trader or any person on the Internet must be smart in dealing with such matters
  4. A person must always be smart in dealings in the world of digital currencies. He should not deal with luck because he does not exist now. Storage must be after studying the currency and knowing some facts about it and what it needs, even if it has a large market and if it can have a prosperous future from This is why I do not recommend storing except for good currencies, and after a good study, the best currencies for storage are Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Litecoin,
  5. This is difficult at the present time because the faucets no longer give a large percentage of satoshi I think that the best way to earn money is to work on this forum and have patience until you make good money through good responses, as the forum is paid by bitcoin
  6. Yes, everything new will open new horizons for new users. For the example that you raised, you create an application for users of the forum But I think that despite the aesthetic of the idea, it would require another great effort in construction and more time for the forum’s workers That is why I think that the forum so far in this version gives all the needs of the member and it is easy to use, light and fast in browsing Yes, in the future this matter could be taken into account by the forum owners We wish all new Thank you for the topic
  7. A good and useful topic for traders and currency holders who want to keep their money with them and are afraid of losing those currencies from those direct portfolios that are owned by their major websites I, as I said, are two of what I put here, and I think they are the best, and they are the most famous among them. So as a first advice, everyone has a lot of coins to have one or two of them. Ledger Nano Trezor One
  8. Thank you for the advice. I also thank you and encourage you for your sporting spirit in dealing with the punishment, as well as for your patience and not losing hope after a long punishment in general. Yes, we must focus and not make other mistakes, so that we do not waste valuable time working here in the forum I wish you more success in the coming times, and you are one of the good and experienced members here
  9. Yes, you can, but within the limits of the conditions and laws set in the forum as a whole I hope you are familiar with it Yes, you can respond and participate in discussions and express your opinion on old topics without fear, but the topics should not be topics that violate the rules of the forum so that these topics are not deleted and thus your responses that you worked hard on and put there That is why you must be careful in dealing with it and also be smart in choosing the topics that you participate in Good luck everyone and you are always welcome here in the forum
  10. Thank you for the advice and warnings that you gave to the members on this valuable topic Yes, scammers and thieves every day they come up with new ways to make you trust them and are stolen in malicious and deceptive ways. That is why we must be careful and not trust anything we hear or read until we verify it in the usual ways, which are very common. How to make sure whether the investment is real or not Finally, I hope that the new members will not fall into such fraudulent ways and that they will be careful
  11. Yes, everyone has a way at the beginning of his journey to the million, as it is said in the examples And a million starts with one dollar That is why we hope that any people lose hope when they lose or become bored at work in the forum because the days are not the same and every day has its advantages and disadvantages in dealing with daily life It is better for hope to exist, for us to be patient, and for our people to have a special support and encourage us to work hard and continually
  12. I think in some places the ease of access to anything will be great, and in some areas this technology will be used for bad things. Nothing can be 100 percent positive or 100 percent negative Just as new technological matters are positive, they can be used in internationally prohibited matters, and so they can be used in monitoring people's freedoms more.
  13. Yes, this is what I always say that we gain experience and the many varied and widespread methods and choose wisely and wisely in the places in which we must invest in it or we study the currencies that we must work on so that we do not regret it afterwards. In addition to the six, you think that now the people who won the most after the rise of Bitcoin and other currencies are the people who have been hodl currencies for some time and have been patient with them, so I think that hodl should always be with a good amount and that we be patient with currencies until they rise
  14. Yes, you must be careful first, and as an advice, if you and this friend of yours are not very close to your family, then do not give this large value of money to him. Secondly, if your close friend is familiar with such matters, you must cooperate with and agree that such matters are dangerous and not to anger everyone One of the other should lose because, as I mentioned, the matter is fraught with risks and losses Third, beware of swindlers who ask for such things, and as I told you, if he is not from your family, someone close to you, or your close friend, do not take this step and do not put your money with other people I hope that you will win a lot and benefit from the experiences, and no one can always be a winner. Some loss teaches you the right way in the future and you will remain very careful
  15. The world of digital currencies is a big world and it is used in many matters in managing, monitoring, programs and everything, and we will see a great and terrible development in the coming years As for the financial uses, they are, as I said, their advantage of speed, lack of centralization, and dealings at any time you want during work and outside working hours, without any bureaucracy or slow in dealing and negative transactions that take place in banks That is why this revolution in digital currencies was one of the best things that happened at the beginning of the new millennium We hope that things will develop more and improve
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