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Found 3 results

  1. Всем привет. Буквально несколько минут заметил довольно интересную новость, и решил с вами ее обсудить, буду рад каждому ответу 🙂 Twitter, Inc заявили, о полном и окончательном соглашение о покупке Илоном Маском компании. Их расчетная стоимость составила 54,2 доллара за акцию наличными, общая стоимость сделки оценена в 44 миллиарда долларов. После публикации этой новости, наблюдается значительный памп догов, получается твитты уже не нужны для пампа, можно просто приобрести сам Твиттер. Хотел бы услышать ваше мнение, а именно: Для каких целей Маск приобрел Твиттер и что именно хочет реализовать в нем? И возможно это отсылка на использование догов, если да то как он свяжет их именно с Твиттером.
  2. 3-го сентября Илон Маск опубликовал свой твит, который как по мне трактуется однозначно - время высшая ценность. Если перевести дословно - то это звучит так: "Время является окончательной валютой". Тут же сбежалось море комментаторов, которые начали постить мемы на криптовалютную тематику. Как вы считаете? Его твит действительно можно трактовать двусмысленно или все же он несет какой то один конкретный смысл?
  3. Meet the SHARIK Token, a community-owned cryptocurrency coin inspired by your happy childhood! The Sharik is not just a coin! New meme cryptocurrency Sharik, created by fans and community members Sharik and team. A little bit history… How it all began In 1987 a hand-drawn cartoon of 1978 was released, directed by V.Popov, based on the story of E.Uspensky “Uncle Fyodor, a dog and a cat”. Urban boy, leaving the parental home with a cat, whom his parents did not allow to leave. Friends come to the village, where they meet the dog Sharik. All live together in one house and incredible adventures happen to them. The cartoon is 35 years old and has been watched by several generations. Present time The hype of memcoins continues today. Thanks to people, such memcoins as Dogecoin, ShibaInu, Floki and others have become popular, gained their value. Why? What for? In the beginning, the idea was just a joke, nothing more. In the wake of the hype, the idea became speculative. Now memcoins are turning into an investment idea. Today and now What do we see? How cryptocurrency is popularized thanks to memcoins and how people learn to make money on investments in the long term. Sharik token built on Binance smart chain as a BEP-20 contract (BSC). The Sharik token was originally issued as a memtoken, it contains the power of our entire community, the mascot of which is our SHARIK. Sharik token is a coin for everyone. This is a folk meme token. The task of which is to become the leader of dogtokens, lead the pack and enter the top ten memorial crypto projects, which will allow launching the next crypto revolution. Each of you can take part in the development and make your significant contribution to society by your approval and support of the project. Join the ranks of Sharik’s holders. Join telegram! Tokenomics Total coins issued 100,000,000,000; 4% Team; 10% Investors; 24% Listing on exchange; 61% Burn in 1 year; 1% Marketing. DEX trade SHARIK Roadmap Fundraising — done DEX listing — done Audit smart-contract — in proces Listing CMC & CG Release of the NFT collection “SHARIK vs ….” Developing own DEX for all meme tokens DEX test Launch of the first ever DEX exclusively for memtokens Community We are writing a letter to… (look up higher) Sharik is a childhood friend of millions of boys and girls, the kindest dog in the yard. Each of us has a child! We all remember the happiest days, mother’s tender hands and beloved heroes! We never stop dreaming and playing throughout our life — only toys become expensive (cars, houses). Our team has made a childhood dream come true! Our Sharik project is a dream! It is a feeling of happiness that we have almost forgotten. We invite you to share this with us — trust us, we are not only having fun, but we also do not forget about our expensive toys in the present! Site — Telegram (channel) — Telegram (chatRU)— Telegram (chatEN) – Twitter —
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