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Found 9 results

  1. Fire Faucet Сервис для заработка криптовалют. 30 минутный кран, автокран и множество сервисов для заработка! С системой уровней и достижений! Заработок на сайте: 1. Кран 2. Короткие ссылки 3. Серфинг 4. Задания 5. Автокран 6. Достижения 7. Бонусы за уровни Кран: Необходимо решение капчи, можно вращать раз в 30 минуту, выплаты от 1 до 5000 Claim Ponts! Чем больше у вас уровень, тем больше платят Серфинг: Получайте по 50 Claim Points и 10 lvl points за каждые 8 секунд просмотра! Короткие ссылки: За переход по каждой из ссылок зарабатывайте по 50 Claim Points и 10 lvl points! Задания: Зарабатывайте до 10000 Claim Points за каждое задание! Автокран: Зарабатывайте по 1 lvl points и по 15 satoshi каждую 1 минуту! Достижения: Зарабатывайте до 1000 Claim points и 1000 Satoshi за каждое достижение! Бонусы за уровни: Получайте 10 Satoshi за 2 уровень и +2 Satoshi за все последующие! Вывод: От 10 рублей россии на любую криптовалюту! Также сайт имеет уникальный и очень приятный дизайн, всем советую его как основной кран! Ссылки: Реферальная: Обычная: Давайте зарабатывать вместе!
  2. Pyme is a rewards platform that connects projects and users, allowing some to present their startups and activities, while others complete quests to receive rewards. You can perform various tasks in discord and Twitter, thereby earning tokens. Now you can become one of the community members by simply joining the platform. You can also purchase the Puma ASTRONAUT ACCESS PASS to get 2000 points and more quests and projects. WEB 3.0 is growing rapidly, therefore, among many projects, you can find a community of interest or invest in a successful project. By completing quests, you get among the first projects that are going to launch their product. So don't blink! Site: Discord: Twitter:
  3. There are many topics here, some normal, some good, some better and some best, also some spams but have been reducing throughout the months. I came across some very good topics, just helpful but informative and very serious, and I said to myself, these guys deserves an extra reward, a reward that would make others motivated to do the same. So I was thinking of a reward to do so, and I said to myself it was me who saw those good topics not admins me and it was I who wished to reward that person so why not vest the power of giving these rewards to members themselves, and so I came with the idea of tipping. So message to the administration, please consider this, we cause use our payments to tip each other and It would be just great. By the way someone who influenced me to make this topic, a great content creator @MrSpasybo
  4. Hello guys. the halving is very close According to this site Bitcoin halving will be about 13-14 hours So what is you expectations guys? I think that nothing special will happen. as previous halvings have shown, btc price is going up and up so the companies who stopped mining btc loss a lot of money which they could earn by mining btc. And as statistics say btc price is going up 3-6 montth period after halving. but this year everything is going on very fast and that may change. there is a global economy crisis in lots of countries. Share your thoughts about it guys. and don't forget to Like my post if you found it interesting. .
  5. Some say bitcoin mining is still profitable and others say it is not but when I consider bitcoin block mining reward, I think it is higher than it should be. In the early stages of bitcoin the reward was 50 BTC and then gradually decreased to 25 and now it is 12.5 BTC. It is true that 12.5 BTC is much less than 50 BTC but now bitcoin price is much higher than early days (when bitcoin price was just a few cents) and today 12.5 BTC is worth more than 50 BTC in 2009 or 2010. So, today miners earn 12.5 BTC per block reward. I think this reward is so high compared to their efforts and investments. 12.5 BTC is worth around $125.000 when bitcoin price reaches $10K. Is this not enough to compensate for mining tool costs and electricity? I think miner rewards should be lower than that. They are earning much more than what they spend. I may be wrong but do you think miners deserve this amount of profit?
  6. Reflex Token The reinvented social media ecosystem Earn money with your Followers & Views - What is Reflex? Reflex wants to completely revolutionize the world of online social networks. Everything you post on the internet has a reflected monetary value and we want to share it with you. With Reflex you can earn money simply by doing what you've been doing for years on YouTube and Instagram, with the difference that you can now earn for your views and your followers. The new era of the web is coming. Video presentation: --> ---------------------------------------------------------- Launch on 02/02/2020 We will officially launch the Reflex Token globally on various exchanges on 02/02/2020. - Why on this date? Because it is a date that can be read backwards and remains unchanged. It's a date that we call "reflected", and it is completely in line with our vision of reflected monetary value that we want to guarantee to our users on our platforms. ---------------------------------------------------------- REFLEX APPS "Reflex Cloud Mining" You can mine Reflex cryptocurrency directly in the cloud from your smartphone without consuming energy. Our cloud mining app has special events, bonuses, contests, prizes and staking. Invite your friends and earn more RFX with our passive income system. DOWNLOAD FROM GOOGLE PLAY: "Reflex VOD" Publish your videos and write articles on our platform and you can earn based on the views of your content. Follow new people and chat with your friends, accept donations, sell your private videos and many more. (platform under development) "Reflex Moments" Post photos and daily stories and earn based on your views and your followers. Find more friends, chat and share your daily life. (platform under development) ---------------------------------------------------------- WALLET You can use any ERC20 Ethereum Wallet to store your RFX. However we recommand "Trust Wallet" where you can soon exchange RFX directly inside the Trust dApps browser. Android: IOS: ---------------------------------------------------------- LINKS Website: WhitePaper: Etherscan: --------------------- ICO Buy RFX now and enjoy a wonderful discount 1st round -------> -30% 2nd round -------> -15% BUY NOW ---> --------------------- BitcoinTalk ANN: Telegram: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
  7. PLATFORM Why should you get paid? In the advertising industry today YOU are the PRODUCT. Billions of dollars are being made, but you’re not getting any of it. We think this is unfair, because your attention is worth a lot to advertisers. Boostchain ensures YOU get rewarded for yours! ADVERTISING You’re in control of your data. With the Boostchain app you get to control the kind of ads you receive. Set and forget your preferences, or, change them as and when your interest changes. Say goodbye to irrelevant and annoying ads. CONTROL Interact and have fun Advertisers love to get real-time feedback on their ads from consumers. They also love it when you promote their ads to interested friends across social networks. They are prepared to pay BIG REWARDS for this, with Boostchain this goes directly to you and your friends. REWARDS Never miss the best deals Choose to sync the Boostchain app with GPS while you’re shopping and get access to the latest discounts and deals from your favourite brands, in real time. Earn Boost tokens for watching ads, then redeem them for purchases, or even cash! This is a WIN WIN program. Don't miss it guys get your slot now! ADDITIONAL REWARD IF YOU USE MY INVITE CODE: 5ed4629bf0e2231ca47c9ef3 You will get 5$ reward by using my code! Boostchain Link:
  8. Друзья, согласитесь, что практически у каждого из нас есть телефон, который можно запросто использовать как инструмент для добывания денег! Я являюсь начинающим блогером и решил снять видео про толковое мобильное приложение для заработка денег. Целых 2 дня я шарил в ютубе в поисках годного приложения, скачал их штук 10, из которых смог выделить только одно - REWARD. Здесь у меня получилось лежа на диване и смотря параллельно фильм, на легке заработать 30 рублей. Если честно, то мне казалось, что есть какой-то подвох и вывести деньги мне не получится, но я был очень удивлен, когда деньги вывелись на киви кошелек практически мгновенно, еще можно выводить на разные мобильные операторы и вебмани. Внизу в видео я продемонстрирую вывод денег. Зарабатывать легкие деньги здесь можно, выполняя простые действия: скачивая приложения на свой телефон, оставляя отзывы и оценки, также можно проходить разные тесты. Короче говоря работа не бей лежачего. Более подробно про приложение и как здесь зарабатывать я рассказываю в своем видео обзоре внизу. Обязательно досмотрите видео до конца, так как я делюсь лайфхаками как здесь больше заработать (нужно будет ввести промокод и другое) и как правильно выводить деньги с приложения. Желаю удачного заработка! Пруфы
  9. Today is The day guys. According to this website : Bitcoin halving will be in about 13 hours AS you already know. this idea of reward halving is against bitcoin inflation. There is also this Grapic which shows us the possibilty of the inflation of bitcoin price and time. As history has shown some miners leave mining bitcoins after halving cause they won't get as much profit as they did, unless the pric eof bitcoin increase so what do you think will happen now? i Dont see any other coin that can replace the profit for miner companies that they get from mining bitcoin. ETH? ETC? i dont know, i don't think so. So i think lots of miners will continue mining bitcoin for that reason. And i think the Price will go much higher. which happens, according to statistics and history, several month after halving event(aprx. 3-6 month). So share your views guys, what will happen and don't forget to like this topic/post if you find it interesting.
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