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Found 3 results

  1. Many new digital currencies dispatch every month, and close by these new tokens and coins comes a progression of beginning coin contributions and even after the coin out to the market . The hunger among a wide pool of financial specialists for these open doors has developed. For the digital currency financial specialist hoping to capitalize on the host of new speculation openings while staying safe from false ICOs and crude coins and tokens, the possibility can be overwhelming. While there's no assurance that any cryptographic money or blockchain-related startup will be authentic or effective, and today i will teach how to not fall into a scam . 1-Make a deep research about the Team: The first and first step that anyone who wants to invest in new currencies or an ICO must take is to search for the currency team and their social media accounts in terms of whether they are real accounts and if are they active, this can give you a great idea about the currency and if its real or scam . 2-Read the Whitepaper wisely : the second and also an important step is the initial move toward investigating a whitepaper is to peruse it altogether. Verify whether the whitepaper has complimentary assets too, including budgetary models, legitimate concerns, SWOT examination, and a guide for usage,compare the things wrote on the whitepaper and the things that they already done on the real world, focus on that please. also avoid coins and companies that doesnt offer a whitepaper . 3-The idea and the goal of the Project?: There is no doubt that the purpose of the currency and its project is something that should never be forgotten. When you invest in a currency, you must know the advantages of its project, what solutions it will provide, and how this currency will ensure the victory of its competitors in the market 4-Token Sales statistics : If you do not trust the information you have collected, be sure that there are many other people who have done the same process. As a last step, you should monitor the currency or the ICO sales , as it gives you the extent of people's confidence in the currency and its project.
  2. Blockchain technology has sparked tons of interest within the technological world with it's ability to disrupt any industry that deals with operations like transactions, agreements, contracts, security, transparency, cloud computing and intrinsically , various Use cases are proposed using blockchain potentials to enhance and supply solutions to existing problems prevalent in industries not limited to Finance, Agriculture, e-commerce, the internet of things (IoT), transport, law, education and real estate to mention few. To put it simply, the blockchain technology Can be seen as decentralized record keeping technology designed through a distributed ledger of inter link peer-to-peer networks with the potentials to instil trust within the authenticity of digital transactions. Through it's peer-to-peer nature, blockchain enables transaction between two parties without The involvement of intermediaries and financial institutions successively building resistance to fraud also as creating immutability for encrypted information. This write-up will explain how Intelligent Hero will pioneer Blockchain-disruption In order to bring about robust workforce community Intelligent Hero is a decentralized professional workforce platform that combines the various potentials of blockchain technology with the simplicity of an educative community of professionals with descriptions that cuts across various fields, and industries. The platform will offer users the opportunity to connect with like-minds and individuals from other fields of life and gives them the opportunity to relate and share ideas with one another. The intelligent Hero platform enables interactions between members of the community to enable them to share ideas and knowledge which cuts across various fields with each other. Members of the community have full access to all the esquisite features of the platform by utilizing the platform's primary token called the HERO token to pay for certain services within the confines of the platform. The Current Problems with the workforce community. There’s been a lot of increase in the rate at which people want to share skills and knowledge with other like minds and as such we’ve seen lots of competing and sometimes conflicting training programs in the market. While the number of counterparts involved in the learning process is increasing, the quality of transferred knowledge diminished by the day, which is typical for any expansion process. The bigger it gets without any commensurate measures to juxtapose its’s effect, the sooner the process begins to fail. Another problem plaguing the professional community is difficulties in searching for jobs and acquired skills. searching for jobs online is oftentimes a futile effort, Many employers experience lots of difficulties trying to find competent hands for their projects. It takes extensive searching and pseudo-testing to finally get someone you can trust by the hair, not completely. Another issue that relates to the workforce community is trust within online platforms, anyone can deceptively pose as a professional in a field he knows little or next to nothing about. When employers come in search of professionals, these are most times the set of persons who end up getting the job probably because they learnt a whole lot more about bargaining than doing the actual job itself. In order to see a flourishing community of elites, professionals and skill individuals, there's a need for a team of developers, whose main aim is to launch a global decentralized platform that will provide reliable and most importantly proven access to professional and educative community - Intelligent Hero. Intelligent Hero's Approach Intelligent Hero project emerged with the promises to solve the above outlined problems through its platform by creating a system for verification of the authenticity of acclaimed skills and abilities. The approach adopted by intelligent Hero will bring about an intelligent community of elites, professionals, and lovers of knowledge who are willing to not just prove their competence to the community alone but are also willing so share acquired proficiency in their fields and areas of interest. By utilizing the potentials of blockchain technology, intelligent Hero's first proposed solution is to strengthen the professional community by returning to them the power that platforms online and offline have taken from them. The platform will use the core of blockchain technology to store the various data and information attained by members. The data of the users cannot be stolen or sold by any member of the platform because of the nature of the community we are trying to build up with blockchain. The platform as a whole will provide the first professional outlet where you can search for jobs or people who are competent enough to handle your project with ease. This is because the platform is equipped with search engines designed to filter out users based on their skills acquired and as well degrees obtained (pending verification by the Intelligent Hero platform). This is because for anyone to appear on our search results, such a person must have been scrutinized by the platform with a series of tests and examinations to ensure that the said individual truly is competent enough to handle projects within that specified niche. About The Tokensale Just like every start-up project out there, The intelligent Hero platform will be conducting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and (IEO) to intending users and investors. ICO And IEO is also a market strategy to improve the product, and coin popularity, the tokensale will provide investors the opportunity to buy HERO tokens at a very cheap rate. Due to the utility nature of HERO Token, The coins will be of high value in the market as the coin after the ICO, will be listed on exchanges. The tokensale is currently on Exmarkets, so gets involving while the offer is still on : Round 1: 30.11.2019 – 30.12.2019 |Round price: $0.1 USD | Locked bonus 80% Round II: 10.01.2020 – 10.02.2020 | Round price: $0.2 USD | Locked bonus 60% Round III: 20.02.2020 – 20.03.2020 | Round price: $0.3 USD | Locked bonus 40% Conclusion The strength and sophistications of Intelligent Hero is as a result of the team made up of group of professionals with vast knowledge and experience, these individuals are responsible for the workings of the platform. The team will be responsible for the first set of tests that will be administered on the community platform. The team consist of programmers who will be responsible for coding the platform and ensuring that the platform is maintained periodically to avoid bugs, or users trying to out-smart the system. The team will also be responsible for marketing the platform through various other media outlets to ensure it's utmost popularity. Get in Touch With Intelligent Hero : Website: Telegram : Whitepaper: Facebook : Twitter : LinkedIn: Instagram: Author's info Username : Etsu Kindly drop your view about the project through the comment box
  3. Icos? I understand it this way: A group of people finance an initiative, being linked "economically or in decision" to that initiative, but without the administrative and legal bureaucracy that traditional financing means entail. That is Icooooooo lol 😙 Initial Coin Offering is a new type of collective financing that, in the hands of Blockchain technology, is revolutionizing the entire planet with benefits in 2017, in some ICOs, exceeding 30,000%. Every initiative, if it wants to be implemented, requires a series of economic costs. Making something happen is always subject to a series of expenses, whether major or minor, that is why ICOs democratize the financing of ideas, allowing anyone on the planet to finance an idea in a matter of seconds, obtaining a comfortable digital asset in exchange for manage and emphasizing the idea of a global world without borders.= millionaire
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