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  1. thats a very good post indeed, i use twitter all day and follow some crypto accounts to get the news but for my major detailed news i use cointelegraph and coindesk, but you should also add the telegram groups because there you can talk with developers themselves.
  2. begging for money is never a good thing, no one will respect you if you beg for your living, people will respect you and help you if they see you trying to work hard and they will assist you to get things done. i see a lot of crypto beggars on twitter and if they spent even half the time actually working they would earn their money.
  3. if its 50 satoshi then that means if you get paid 200 talk tokens everyday it will be 10000 per day, and thats less than the current rate, it need to be at 100 satoshi and then it 20k satoshi per day.
  4. duncun007

    Yobit legit?

    i have been using yobit for almost 3 years now and honestly i havent had any issue with it, but yea their ticket handling sometimes is slow but they will get back to you sooner or later.
  5. there are so many people making thousands of dollars of bitcoin trading everyday, no other job can give you this amount of money in such a short period of time. you just need to learn how to use your trading skills.
  6. i would like to remind you that just because xrp is cheap doesnt mean it will be good for long term profit, because right now its going down heavy and we still dont see a sign of reversal.
  7. that is very sad my friend, this is why you always need to double check the address you send your money to before you actually make the transactions, because this has happened to many people before you as well.
  8. yea its a very good project especially in long term holding but keep in mind that this post is not a financial advice but its just a mere prediction with technical analysis.
  9. ok but why would you need all those informations when you can trade and do all things on an exchange without even doing any kyc? most exchanges dont have kyc as mandatory and that includes binance and yobit.
  10. thats a very good analysis, I made an ont analysis as well and i'm about to make a btc analysis as well but my views are more on the bear side unlike yours because i think we have been going up for a while without a big retracement.
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