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  1. well i think many times it have been said that the moderators are the one choosing that and choose who gets rewarded for his or her posts but we personally dont know how they do it.
  2. i think so many people have said you can post anything that is not crypto related or if its something that has been repeated so many times the admins will take the topic to the off topic section.
  3. i think no expert can truly predict whats gon happen now because nobody has ever been through something like this pandemic and its not like the 2008 market crash at all.
  4. i remember people were so optimistic about this coming halvign and how the price will jump so high and go over 20k but now people pray it doesnt fall bellow 3k.
  5. the only thing that people are about when they hear about the halving is how high the prices will be when the halving happens and by now i think everyone knows the market just keeps dumping.
  6. i think many people on here dont really understand how crypto can play a vital role in your life and how it can set you for good and you dont have to work another day in your life if you invest in the right coins.
  7. to be honest i dont care now about the crypto market and the us because they are all just trying to manipulate this market and be in control of it.
  8. i think not everyone will be able to be investing all their money in mining as it need lots of money and i wouldnt think a newbie would invest so much money in something they dont understand.
  9. well its a good choice for those who dont have any experience in the market but if you have been trading then you will find it better to do your own trades.
  10. i think everyone in crypto should be acting the same to losses as you react when you gain in trades because they both teach you ways to handle your position better next time.
  11. i think this pretty much depends on your experience in the market because i can tell you right now that margin trading require so much attention to the market and its sentiment while normal trading can be done by everyone.
  12. i am tired of these stupid manipulations once again happening in the market, we have been in a bear market for 2 years now and we still going now.
  13. i know there are many people out there using brave browser and getting paid for it but to me i think this will end up in a great leak of information by brave browser.
  14. well this is why we always say to be careful what you use in crypto because whether its a wallet or exchange it can always get out of business and you will lose your money.
  15. i think people have been so excited about 2020 and they thought everything will go up and now everyone is in shock to see how the market is dumping so hard.
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