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  1. well thats true the current fiat system is so fragile because fiat is constantly losing value as we keep printing more of it without gold in reserve.
  2. i think im coming on to 3 years in crypto world and its been one hell of a journey and i think im very grateful for crypto and wish i would have joined earlier but anyway i will be around for a long time.
  3. which is why people should stop registering at every possible forum or website out there and if you need to do that then have 2 separate emails one for crypto and one for other useless websites.
  4. well i think even since halving we havent seen any good news about litecoin other than minor pumps and dumps but in the future there might be partnerships which will help the price grow.
  5. well it might not seem like a problem to you because you might be trading with small amounts but some people out there are trading with millions and imagine being cut of your money for weeks like that.
  6. if newbies do these things there wouldnt be anyone who invest in scam projects but the fact is nobody read the white paper fo any coin or even search info about the team of the coin.
  7. yea i know kyc is only demanded when you are withdrawing large amount of money but my point is that crypto is all about privacy so asking for kyc specially from members who withdraw millions isnt good.
  8. yea thanks that is a lot better because the crypto market hasn't peaked yet and she or everyone else could still join now before the next bull run and still make millions.
  9. well we dont know for sure when the next bull run would be but i wouldnt recommend you to sell your bike for it because im guessing its your only mean of transportation but its up to you to sell or not.
  10. ok i just know this topic will be deleted because come on man dont just make up topics without even saying anything other than 2 words for the headline AND the post itself. just delete this topic.
  11. so far there arent any use cases for ranking system but in the future this could be quite good for us old members could have better pay in signature campaign.
  12. i think there are many reasons why we need bitcoin but for me i need it because its what helps me make more money in my own comfort zone and at my own time without any pressure.
  13. well i hope the guys who constantly say they want to make 5$ a day could see this and stop making more posts about it. I have tried their browser but for some reason i just couldnt trust it so i just deleted it.
  14. well if you think about those 2 options has low chances of ever happening but if they did happen not only bitcoin will be affected but the banks as well because everything nowadays is digital.
  15. yea i have seen OTC market and i must say those brokers are getting paid very well because these deals could be in milions and even a small commission could be very high.
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