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  1. Its a case of old money vs new money, for me i would say they are both good store of value but i will go with crypto , it has more to offer and its where the future of money is.
  2. true there is still to be done and as the platform continues to grow more will be needed on the reward they should improve so that more people can see value in posting and encourage them to post
  3. Been trying bounties for a while now though they dont earn much they are rewarding if you are patient enough
  4. I think its too early since the platform is still at its infancy stage, maybe in the future we will see more projects coming along
  5. i like it cause its a store of value and has the ability to grow over time thus increasing my investment
  6. Analyst had predicted that this year crypto will recover and it will the all time high of January 2018. this was a bold prediction and we got excited. Things look different now and with just two and a half months to go ...... well there is still optimism in the year. Will it reach $20,000 or we will see another low with the bears in control.
  7. That is good that you have communicated, was wondering what was going on
  8. its wrong to copy and paste articles , it shows how lazy someone is and irresponsible, i think this should be discouraged in all platforms
  9. the platform is easy to navigate and easily and simple designed. the fees arent to much , i will say my experience is worth it
  10. i think its about time i bought some of the coins myself and hodl, who knows a s the exchange grow so will the coin
  11. If its low volume capital then go with etherium since they are cheaper but you still buy small pieces of bitcoin and build from there
  12. having a local language help reach the community more, it gives a sense of entitlement
  13. I have been with several but my worst is cryptopia, i had issues that i could trade some coins since they were locked and had network issues then they filed for bankruptcy and now all our coins are locked until who knows when
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